The week that was captured (Oct 4th)


Play time at the park…I was quietly impressed that my bum fit on top on the swing…Sprog was very vocal in his happiness at being in the swing.


A little bit of early morning dragging teddy and octotune around the house.


The best 10 minutes of my 13 hour day at work (prospective parent open evening), Sprog popped in to see me on his way home from nursery and made himself quite at home.


My brilliant classroom…after a revamp in the summer and the last few weeks, the display board finished it off and it’s finally looking how I wanted it!


A brief moment for me when I had my hair chopped off a fair amount this morning… Even if I felt marginally guilty about not getting to my marking whilst Sprog napped instead.



Visiting the “free zoo” aka a well known pet shop as we passed through earlier. Someone made every animal noise he can do, except the correct ones for the animals there. The rabbits go moo, woof and oo ah ah. The only possible noise left out was rahhh and that’s probably the closest on the basis of how they look!

An extremely tiring week in our household and today I had to win on the mama front and have a lovely day with my boys because it had been such a full on teacher week.


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