The Nilaqua Instant Hand Santitiser

To me a hand sanitizer is one of the least interesting products around, I normally buy one from a pound shop or when I see it on the counter and remember I need some. Therefore, I’ve never really considered the options or ideal features of a hand sanitizer before. When I was sent the Nilaqua Instant Hand Sanitiser to try, it made me think about this more and my husband and I were surprised at how many different criteria we found ourselves considering. Did it smell nice? Was it sticky? How quickly did it dry? Did it dry our hands out? Why had we not considered these things before?!


And then we tried our sample out. It’s lovely! The Jasmine smell is really delicious and makes your hands feel fresh and alive. There is no whiff of alcohol in it like some of the ones we’ve used in the past and I love how the smell disappears as it dries so that you are not left with a lingering odour. We tested it out on Sprog too after playing in a rather mucky park trip (wood chips on the floor, enough said!) and it got his hands clean again with minimal effort and without the enduring smell and taste of alcohol. Great for when he starts shoving his hands in his mouth along with his snacks. My mum commented that she loved that it is a foaming pump as it easily eliminates the chance of the left over sticky feeling that some sanitiser’s give.

I think this is a great product for using on camping trips, on your desk at work (this is where mine has ended up) or for popping into a changing bag (for baby or sports). I would definitely recommend this product and will be buying it in future as it just feels so much nicer on hands than any other sanitiser that we’ve tried. A big thumbs up from the whole Mamavsteacher family for this one!


I was sent this product to review as one of the Guest reviewers for  You can find out more about Nilaqua products on their website


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