To waft or not?!

eyelashes 1

My social life is rather lacking at the moment, hopefully you’ll understand that as a Mama to a small person any time to myself is strictly limited. Therefore the opportunities to test out the Eldora eyelashes (style M102) have been, well, non-existent in the last few weeks. So I popped them on first thing on Saturday morning to just “give them a go”!

Safe to say that these eyelashes are not for everyday use! They are proper stonking, knock your socks off, wind generating eyelashes. I was fearful that a blink may send Sprog flying across the room (and he is one beasty big child). As such, they didn’t last too long on my luscious lashes on a calm Saturday morning.

As a pretty novice user of eyelashes I did initially struggle a little with the glue. Unlike my friends at University who would wear them regularly as we partied, I am gifted with dark and fairly long lashes of my own so I find that a great mascara will normally do the trick. I did love that the glue changed colour when applied to the lashes so that you could see exactly where it had gone/missed. I did need to trim them slightly for the length but when I had got that right, they fitted beautifully. Once attached, the glue is strong enough to feel incredibly secure. When I removed the eyelashes, I was even more reassured by the fact that I had to give my eyes a very good scrub with make-up remover to eliminate the remaining glue. There’s nothing worse than one side starting to peel off mid moves on the dance floor!

I am so looking forward to donning these on Saturday when we go out for dinner and drinks for my birthday and wowing my friends (who haven’t seen me looking any better than knackered in quite a while!)

Here a few pictures for comparison.

1.Without anything on my eyelashes (excuse my weird wonky eyebrows – you can’t tell that I’m loped-sided when I’m animated!)

eyelashes 4

2. With my normal mascara on.

eyelashes 3

3. With the stonking, wafting Eldora eyelashes.

eyelashes 2

I was given this product to review for but you can find out about the wide range of eyelashes that Eldora produce at their website.


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