DIY Nursery frames

I do fancy myself as marginally creative… I took my GCSE Art a year early and did A/S level in Year 11. That however, does not mean that it went well. I spent most of the course not quite as good as the others in the class and creating pieces that I knew just weren’t as good.  In hindsight, I would have felt better in a class doing it at the normal time but hey ho.

Since school I have done a few paintings and one was hanging in Sprog’s nursery until fairly recently.  We’ve had to retire this piece from it’s location however, as small hands were suddenly big enough and little arms suddenly long enough to grab and attempt to pull it on top of us as we changed him.

wall 4

The painting in it’s retired location of the study.

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to put in the space.  A wonderful idea that I noticed whilst trawling the web, as we all do, which was to use frames to display art work etc from Sprog.  It does seem a shame that as he gets bigger, any of his masterpieces will not be on display for very long (our fridge is not off mammoth proportions and simply wouldn’t accommodate them!).

So here’s what I did.

Wall 1

The first set of ‘artwork’ was all my own! I try very hard not to be a hoarder… with some success. After Sprog’s first birthday we had an epic amount of birthday cards, I didn’t want to keep them all (he will never look at them, he is of course male!) but it seemed a waste to just instantly recycle them.  Especially when he had formed attachments to a few of the characters, the monster in the top frame in particular.  I spent one evening cutting and sticking… such a therapeutic thing to do and created these beauties.  I’m not claiming that they are marvellous however, Sprog loved them!  From these he has been able to learn and repeat the noises for monkey, monster, lion and dog.

When it came to thinking about a new set of designs/paintings, I was a little clueless until we had some fun stomping in some leaves one weekend recently.  The tree down the side of our house had a range of leaf colours – all the way from super green to a very autumnal red so I struck gold and thought of using those colours and the leaves to create images.

wall 2

So we have green leaves and green handprints from Sprog, individually cut and a few leaves painted on.  A yellow frame of leaves that were turning, and the lion from the previous frames. A red frame of more leaves, ladybug paintings and some recycled trucks and fire engines from the birthday cards.  I was a little stuck with the fourth one but I knew that I wanted to have some photos of things we’d been doing and to bring in blue.  The final frame includes my friend’s dog with Sprog, hubby and the Fluffy Baby (our cat!), and an owl and sheep from the Sheep Fair that we’d been to at the end of the summer.

wall 3

I’m quietly impressed with how it’s worked so far… by keeping the animal theme going from the birthday cards, Sprog has continued to practice and learn more noises. And I was super proud when he started holding his hand up towards the green frame as he recognised his hand.  I just can’t wait for him to be able to get the words out to go with the noises and the ideas that I can see going on in his head!

I just grabbed some cheapy A4 certificate frames when I was at the supermarket and ta dah! Something lovely to brighten up his room…now to start planning the Christmas ones! Yay!

Monkey and Mouse