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I was nominated by the lovely El at El and Baby A. Thanks!!

A Liebster is given to up and coming bloggers who may not be receiving the love that they deserve. It is a lovely way to introduce you, my readers, to some brilliant blogs. Plus, you get to learn more about me as I have 8 questions to answer.

The rules of the awards are nice and straightforward: 
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given to you.
  • Nominate other bloggers with less than 500 followers whose blogs you love.
  • Post 10 questions for your nominees to answer

The questions that El asked were;

1. What is your funniest memory?

O dear, this has been mentioned on another post but if you ask any of my friends, they will always come back with this one.  At one of the girls 18th birthday parties, a house party, where we are all in uniform fancy dress, and my girls were a netball team complete with personalised t-shirts, I infamously fell through a chair.  A camping chair. So that my arse hit the floor, my legs were stuck in the air and I was only wearing a netball skirt…and big pants (thank goodness!).  Everyone thought it was so funny that they stood around laughing…no-one helped …for quite a while.

2. You have to watch one film on repeat forever, which do you choose?

Something with an amazing soundtrack…do not imagine for a moment that this will be a grown up answer…Beauty and the Beast… or Aladdin… or Frozen… I can’t choose!

3. A must have item, in your opinion?

A large bar of Dairy Milk… doesn’t need explaining, surely?!

4. Any pet hates?

Many… where shall I start?! Kids swinging on chairs, kids not doing their homework, kids not tucking their chairs under at the end of a lesson, kids putting my highlighters back in the wrong holes in the box, hubby biting and then eating his nails, hubby clicking his throat, Sprog grinding his teeth, people who remind you that you haven’t done something (I’d rather just go on oblivious!)… think that’s about it.

5. You have one day off and an endless amount of money, how do you spend that day?

A whole day off work?! Amazing! Presumably the calories consumed on this magically day would also not count so I would start with a beautiful cooked breakfast on a patio facing out on to a nice warm beach, spend the day swimming, playing games with Sprog, paying someone else to clean the sand out of all the horrible places in our bags and clothes. Lunch would be pizza and ice cream. There’d be little chocolates delivered to me on a silk pillow every 30 minutes. The hubby, sprog and I would have fun exploring caves and woods in the afternoon and being proper adventurers. Dinner would be a mountain of Chinese and Thai food, with pink bubbles to accompany and chocolate cake for pudding. I would fall asleep effortlessly, fully refuelled, calm and fresh for the next day.

6. Who’s your celebrity idol?

I wouldn’t say that I really follow ‘celebrity’ any more, I don’t really have time in my life for that.  I’m going to go for a quote that inspires me instead, from a celebrity in my mad world…Mary Poppins – “With a little imagination, every day can be an adventure”

7. What’s your favourite clothing store?

O man, I hate clothes shopping. I never used to be that person, and never thought I would be but I hate it.  When I do need something I always head straight to Dorothy Perkins though.

8. What’s your happiest memory?

This is so tough.  My happiest whole day memory is our wedding day, I can only imagine that the only thing to top it will be the weddings of our children.  Every ounce of my being was beyond excited and happy to finally be marrying “the Boy” (the Hubby’s former identity).

But for small memories, I get a new one every week from playing with Sprog. You cannot know what it means to be happy until a little person steals your heart, does something tiny and that something tiny makes you swell with pride and happiness and pushes you to tears of joy.  I am so very lucky.

I nominate Brighton Mama at Our Seaside Baby

I nominate Isabelle at PerplexedParent

I nominate Papa Tont at Disillusioned Dad

Here’s your questions guys;

1. If you could move to any part of the world right now, where would you go and why?
2. What’s your favourite season of the year? And why?
3.  Which three novels would you recommend to everybody you meet because you couldn’t put them down?
4. What is your favourite way to recover from a long and bad day?
5. Do you like or dislike meeting new people? Why?
6. The classic: What would you do today if you knew you could not fail?
7. Is there a new habit you would like to start? What has been stopping you?
8. What is your favourite thing to do first thing in the morning?
9. How are you going to remember your life at the moment in a few years time?
10. Is there something you love to do, although most people dislike it?

I love to hear your ideas and thoughts on my posts so leave a reply

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