Kisses for Mama


Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s nothing more precious than a kiss from your child. Sprog has been giving kisses for a while now when someone leaves or when you force him or when you cuddle him with big squeezes.

Last week, our magic moment for kisses came. In the evening, as we sat sprawled across the play mat after 3 very long days, hubby and I at work and Sprog at nursery. Sprog had been happily playing with his keyboard whilst I sat at the opposite end of the mat quickly replying to a text message. He very deliberately stopped what he doing and looked over at me. He pushed himself to his feet and plodded over to me. He very inelegantly clambered his way head first on to my lap, grabbed and pulled his way up my body, twisted and plonked his bum down on my lap.

He slowly turned his head to face mine, and lent in for a kiss. Not a sloppy, slobbery one. A real “I love you Mummy” kiss.

I wept, happy, proud, silly Mama tears. He’s such a lovely little man and he’s all ours! 


10 thoughts on “Kisses for Mama

  1. Awww so gorgeous! I love this! Arthur is still very much in the sloppy kisses mode but I love when he gives a deliberate kiss albeit a sloppy one haha! Such a special moment, don’t blame you crying 🙂 xx

  2. Aww gorgeous post and you’re so right it is the most amazing moment. Definitely one to treasure 🙂 #magicmoments

  3. love love love 🙂 if i make the kissing noise with Flo she gives me a big open mouthed sloppy kiss. Z now 4 gives lovely kisses and melts my heart when he says randomly ‘mummy I love you’ 🙂 x

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