Balancing Act…


I am on a bit of a quest at the moment to showcase the different wonderful ways in which parents organise their new lives after having babies and in particular at how we manage the change to our work lives.

I am so excited to announce the arrival of ‘Balancing Act’ which will run every Thursday and I have a few initial volunteers to feature.  I’d love to hear from anyone else – Mama or Dada – who would like to share their stories and thought’s with us.

I have the questions lined up and want to know all about how you and your family have managed the end of maternity/paternity leave and how your work-life balance has changed, or not!

So please, leave a comment if you would be interested in joining in and I will be in contact.


10 thoughts on “Balancing Act…

  1. I reckon I could get Tom to do it if you send me the questions – I haven’t yet decided what the end of my mat leave means for my work-life balance so not sure I can offer my assistance!

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