I totally became the domesticated goddess of my dreams…

Ummm… at the start of October I wrote about planning to become more domesticated and I had intended that October would be my month of domestication. I’m so sorry to let you all down (close friends are probably not surprised though)

That soooooo didn’t work and here are my reasons why;

1. Work… was pretty crazy, I got pretty tired and I decided each evening to leave the washing up (which is no different to normal) and do it in the morning.

2. I have a magic fairy who seems to do a lot of the tidying up after I crash out in bed much earlier than him (Mr Hubby).

3. I did feel bad about the magic fairy doing all the work, but that was never bad enough to overcome tiredness.

4. I am a lazy person and I will find anything to do rather than do housework.

5. I like to relax in bed rather than tidy.

6. I never did get round to those homely type blogs that I had planned…Maybe I’ll write them this week?! Wait… I did one…about Sprog’s blooming awesome artwork. (Yes, I am overemphasising this to make up for the lack of other posts).

7. I had a sh*t load of marking to do and have barely come up for air – ever tried marking 150 year 8 essays on why Henry VIII left the Catholic Church and staying sane?! I tried, can’t say that I succeeded.

8. And again, I’m lazy!

I have been typing this whole list with my face screwed up as if I am apologising to the computer screen. I am sorry, probably not to the computer, probably just mainly to the magic fairy, who really is a superstar and my rock and I would clearly live in a cesspit if it weren’t for him! Oops!


7 thoughts on “I totally became the domesticated goddess of my dreams…

  1. I am exactly the same! Hubby is very tidy whereas I find myself wading through washing and dirty dishes regularly (and I’m at home in the day!)

    There are more important things than housework (like sitting with a glass/bottle of wine!) I always think it’s amazing how much cleaning you can do in the minutes before someone comes over to visit!

  2. I know what you mean! Not much of a goddess myself. Unfortunately Daddy is not much of a fairy in the tidying department. We do the classic where I collect his socks.
    He does a great job with Little F though, while I earn our bread (no bacon, as we’ve gone veggie)

  3. Ever seen Anthea Turner Perfect Housewife? Well I want to be Anthea Turner (and I’m not ashamed!) I was pretty darn close before having T but now everything’s up in the air, maybe one day I’ll get it together again or develop OCD and turn into an OCD cleaner (I wish!), but right now it’s just not a priority. Let the husband do it if he does, he obviously loves it 😉

  4. Same here! Mr Hubby does most of everything! I love that your list had lazy in it twice. Me too! But I like to think I am too busy… Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  5. I’m one of the most untidy, lazy people I have ever met. Every month I say to myself I am going to try harder, and do more around the house but I never do. I feel bad about it because I am setting a bad example to my kids, I really do need to domesticate myself a bit more!

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