The week that was Half Term

I make no apologies for the vast number of photos in this post. One of the joys of being a teacher is the holidays and whilst I have been busy planning lessons and marking work in every spare moment whilst Sprog is asleep and at nursery, the holidays do mean that I get to spend time with my delightful little man and I am so grateful for this. I could gush about how amazing it’s been but let me show you some photos so that you can see!

On Saturday, Sprog, hubby and I had a great family day together. We played and went out for lunch. We visited out first Christmas section of a garden centre. O, his little face lit up at the lights! This is him playing.TWTWC 5

On Sunday, we had a calm morning and I love this photo. Sprog and I take my Grannie to church every week and we often go out and play in the crèche.  This is his favourite toy in the box – the quacking ducks! The afternoon was a little more fraught but I wrote about the tantrums in the week.


On Monday, we caught up with our Mama’s and babies (much more like toddlers now) which was lovely.  I really enjoy seeing them when I’m off work as they were the ones that I learnt to be a mum with at our Early Parenting Group, the one’s who I message if I’m totally stuck for what to do and the one’s where we laugh about all the stupid things that the kids, and us, have done.  This time we even braved 5 toddlers and mums eating lunch together at the table, with success – mine was hands down the messiest but he did love playing with some of the host’s toys!


Then disaster struck my week.  On Monday, during a work social which was partly taking place for my birthday, I was hit by a stomach bug and threw up beautifully in the restaurant’s toilets.  It wiped me out for the whole of Tuesday which was so frustrating as I had planned to work all day and free up the rest of my week.

Wednesday was a Mama and Sprog date day. No one but us. It was one of the best days ever!! We went shopping for Christmas decorations, we ate a delicious and very sophisticated lunch at Marks and Spencer (picture is of Sprog bopping along as he made music and ate pizza), we playing together, I got all of the hugs all day and he made me laugh. So good that I did have an emotional moment before he went to bed.  I almost didn’t want the day to end as it had just been such an utterly happy day and reminded me, again, of how much I miss him when I’m at work.


Sprog and the fluffy baby hitting it off brilliantly over a good police car story!

Thursday was uneventful as Sprog was at nursery and I did some work – boo hiss!

Friday was a scorcher wasn’t it?! October 31st and we were both wearing shorts! I was glad that the lunch time scene on Friday had not occurred when we were out earlier in the week but this is what happens when a tired toddler meets vegetable bake! He wasn’t happy, I wasn’t happy, I showered him, he screamed, we dressed and we went out to get over it.  We met with 2 of my friends and their delightful little ones at our local Children and Family Centre were they have a superb sensory room and Sprog absolutely loved it! He did not stop smiling!


And then today, Saturday, we ended with another family day.  Our travels took us to the Pumpkin festival at Slindon and I got some amazing shots of Sprog and hubby in the beautiful autumnal light.  I chose this one to share because it just shows the amazing colours of the produce there and the brilliant image they’ve created this year.  We had tea and cake from the local WI at the Church and then drove down into Arundel for our lunch. I felt happy all the way through again. Spending time with these two is the best thing in the world.

Then we were a little cheeky and Sprog’s big Christmas present arrived the other day, we figured that he doesn’t know the different between getting it now and on Christmas day along with his stocking presents and those from family so we let him at it.  Doesn’t he just look so grown up?!  He sat for ages content with playing with his blocks and sipping his water! Just wait until I get him doing arts and crafts at that table?!


What Katy Said

13 thoughts on “The week that was Half Term

  1. aww such a lovely post, Im so glad you got to spend some quality time with your little man (bar the sickness bug) Me and my boy had a lunch date at M&S too! Hope you have a great week xx

  2. That is the best thing about half term, being able to spend that quality time with our children when we would normally be apart, makes the time spent together much better. Love how you filled your week with lots of fun and your Mama and Sprog day sounds perfect!

  3. Oh my WORD!!! That photo of the veggie bake disaster is hysterical!!!!
    Glad you had a happy half term, that is the perk of being a teacher although I always found I spent most of the week doing work anyway though!!
    Thank you for joining in our #HappyDaysLinky xx

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