Mama time

Do Do do do do, do do, do do …can’t touch this… Mama time!

Seems quite apt really doesn’t it? Time for me?! Can’t touch that…rarely… ever…do I get time for me.

Knowing that the lovely Disillusioned Dad was setting up a new Linky, I thought I’d try and get my bum into gear.

I wanted to try and focus myself on making a little bit of time for myself and on making myself feel better about the lack of time for me and by recording a little bit of me time each day.

So here’s how the first week went.

1st November – I will celebrate the fact that I remembered to exfoliate and moisturise.  However, I was totally off the Slimming World plan as we had lunch and cake out! Oops!

2nd November – Guys, please close your ears! Ladies, I managed to find time to shave my legs!! Gone were the werewolf sticks that had been reluctantly holding me up.  Again, off plan with the food but I marked an awful lots of books for work and went to bed completely exhausted.

3rd November – It’s not really a great positive in terms of the amount of time that I had to myself but after a crazy day at work, I sat marking and writing reports for 3 hours after Sprog had gone to bed.  Once it was done though, I felt such an enormous sense of relief and could go to bed relaxed.

4th November – At weigh in, I managed to lose 1/2 lb which I didn’t think was too bad considering that I’d weighed in only 5 days previously.

5th November – I was able to remember the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, I stuck to my Slimming World plan and fitted in a little treat of fudge from the States which was a present from my parents’ trip to see my brother.

6th November – I was totally on plan with my Slimming World efforts and I had time to do a little blogging. I was really excited and happy to launch my new weekly feature ‘Balancing Act’ with stars some awesome parents who are sharing their stories about how they manage their families. This was something that I am so passionate about sharing as I know, first hand, how much we can be judged as parents for the way that we organise our lives.

All in, I think that was a reasonably good week. It was neither horrific nor tremendous but I was definitely more focused as I felt that by holding myself accountable through my blog. I’ve been inspired by other bloggers who are using their blogs as a forum to track their weight lose etc. I’m hoping that in the coming weeks, I can use my space in this blogging sphere to be able to find the time for me and to make myself feel a bit more like me.

Dad Creek

11 thoughts on “Mama time

  1. It can be difficult to find the time for ourselves as parents cant it? And even when we do, we often feel guilty about it. Good for you for squeezing the small things in this week. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Well done you, it may sound cliché but all the little things add up to a very big thing indeed. You should be proud that you are starting to make time for yourself. Too many people have too big an expectation right at the start of any change and soon lose heart when things don’t go as fast or as smooth as they’d like. Someone once worked out they would have to take just over 35,000 running paces to complete a marathon. That’s a lot of little steps to complete something so amazing. So never say losing 1/2 lb was not ‘too bad’. Change it to losing 1/2 lb is awesome; if you lose 1/2 lb every week, in a year you’d lose 26 pounds.

    Well done you and I hope you didn’t cut your knee or ankles when shaving, they can be a bit tricky to get right………………or so I’ve heard.

    Thanks for linking up, it’s really appreciated.

    • lol, knees were absolutely fine this time around!

      Thanks – I’m really trying to appreciate the little things that I can do a treat myself or make things a bit more enjoyable – today I’ve had a candle burning as I mark… not much but it’s making it feel a bit more special!

  3. Wow. Well done you!! What a fantastic way to pretty much make sure you schedule some ‘me time’ each week!! And a fabulous way to track and chart your weight loss achievements!! I share both these issues with you – firstly the ‘me time’ and secondly the weight [I started Weight Watchers a week isn ago – but have not stopped eating since!!] – so I can’t wait to watch your journey too!!! Thanks so much for linking up with us #sundaystars

    • ee…feel the pressure when other people say they’re watching but I think that’s maybe what I need – got a party at the weekend and two dresses – I’d like to wear the brighter one but at the moment it just shows the squigey bits too much – fingers crossed for the weekend!

  4. Good for you. It can be so hard to find time for yourself. I struggle to do this, but well done on making a start. Thanks for linking to #TheList x

  5. I really find it hard to have quality me time and I often roll into bed late and exhausted. I think I am going to use your post as an inspiration and try to be more proactive about taking time for me. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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