Pasta Greek style

I was quietly impressed with the dinner that I made this evening. I know that, despite the opinions for both our families (one Christmas I got 4 cook books!), I am a reasonably competent cook. Between us Hubby and I cook from scratch most nights – I don’t ever buy jars of sauces – however, our dinners can become fairly standard.

When planning the food shopping, we decided to venture outside our comfortable zone a little, not have a recipe and create something original… a very risky decision. When we’ve done this before, it has not always been successful and I am too blooming tired to do a second dinner if the first one is a pile of pants!

So, this evening, I cooked whilst he nipped to buy the usual things that I’d missed from the online shopping! Bear in mind that when I say ‘Pasta Greek style’, neither of us know much about Greek food, we don’t often cook or eat it and it was just some random crazy idea.  I know, late twenties, professionals and our idea of something crazy to do of an evening is cook something we know nothing about… we know how to be adventurous!

So, here goes.

Step 1 – fire up the griddle (be impressed that I own one of these, and know what it is!) and bung some water on for the pasta.

greek 4

Step 2 – plonk the pasta in the pan, and griddle (is that an actual verb?) some courgette and aubergine.

greek 3 greek 1

After a little Google, I discovered that oregano and dill are quite Greek so I sprinkled a little over along with a little balsamic vinegar.

Step 3 – Drain pre-sliced olives (why on earth would you slice them yourself?!), crumble some feta, drain the pasta.

Step 4 – drizzle (good chefy word!) some balsamic vinegar through the pasta, scoop into a bowl, layer some courgette, aubergine and feta in, repeat and voila!

greek 2

Something vaguely ressembling Greek food, possibly, but actually pretty damn tasty!

Phew! I’m tired from being inventive, going to go put my feet up now!

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