Sparkly bits and festive treats

5 years ago we moved into our little house, on 22nd December, just enough time to unpack our very minimal boxes and dash out to get a cheapo Christmas tree and decorations – I think I did the whole lot in about £40 – we really were totally skint. But I refused to let Christmas pass without a tree!

This year, I have been given a budget and I can buy new decorations…Whoopee!!!!! My excitement at this fact knows no bounds.

I’ve often perused the sparkling wonderlands of Christmas decorations but being a little bit of a tight git when it comes to spending money, I’ve never bought decorations as I want to do it properly and get coordinating ones. Very handy then that I was invited to my local Haskins garden centre at Roundstone in Rustington to have a look at the spectacular festive treats they have out.

haskins 7

On arrival we were greeted by a light show of magically archways and Sprog’s little face lit up.  He pointed and said ‘uhh, uhh’ repeatedly (you have to hear it and know the pitch but it means ‘light’!), and the magic of Christmas decorations began.

Haskins 8

We were shown around by the lovely Michelle who was ace and very patient with Sprog as he ran from led light tree to led light tree with a constant stream of ‘uhh, uhh’ cascading from his chatty little mouth.

She explained each of 5 themed areas to us… I would like one in the lounge, one in the study, one in our bedroom, one in Sprog’s room and I think we could manage an outdoor area in the front garden… that would be perfect. So here they are;

1. Enchanted – a magical white, pink and green wonderland of girly prettiness (and one of Sprog’s favourite areas!)

haskins 3

2 – The Chronicles of Narnia – woodland creatures, fluffy balls and general cuteness!

haskins 1

3 – The Great Gatesby – bling, bling and a little more bling – I did pick up some beautiful white stars from this collection with some great sparkle on them!

haskins 5

4 – Great Expectations – a cosy, family-round-the-fire feel to this deep and rich coloured collection. (It has made me consider a bit of tartan for our tree)

haskins 2

5 – It’s a Wonderful Life – bright, colourful, a little bit mad – the kids will love it!

haskins 4

To top off our visit, we ate some cake! Much to hubby’s disappointment, he had to work when we were able to visit as he loves cakes just as much as me and was totally gutted when I zapped this image of some completely delicious 3 layer lemon cake to him!

haskins 6

I grabbed a few bits for our tree – I’ve decided on a white and red theme so we’ll see how that pans out.  I would thoroughly recommend popping into Haskins with little people of all ages. Last year the wall of fairy lights entertained Sprog and I countless times when I just needed to get out of the house, he still loved that this year.  Just be prepared to part with some hard earned pennies as there are so many beautiful things that I struggled to remain and think of the budget!!

This review is written based on my own opinions and experience in return for lovely tea and cake!


4 thoughts on “Sparkly bits and festive treats

  1. That sounds like a wonderful day out, and a brilliant way to entertain young children! I love the sound of your red and white theme, and I really like the look of Haskins’ Great Expectations theme! I’d love to see some pictures of all your new decorations when they go up 🙂 #ChristmasCountdown

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