Finding mama time ~ Week 2

When I started tracking the time I was giving to me, it was with the aim of just starting to help me feel better about myself and for finding a way to hold myself accountable with my weight loss.  I’m not in a dangerous weight zone, and this week I actually made it back to my pre-Sprog weight (for the second time!) but I just feel very differently about my body now and the weight is definitely distributed in a different manner.

#FitFamilyFriday was my way of doing this as it was launched around the same time that I needed to give myself a kick up the bum!

So here’s a quick round up of this week.

7th Nov – On plan with Slimming World until dinner time when we were very lazy and opted for pizza but we did have salad with it too! I painted my toes in the evening and had managed some unexpected extra Sprog time which was lovely.

8th Nov – I was feeling very stressed out about various things and gave in to some chocolate crispy cakes that Sprog had made with his uncle and cousins. I did have my hair cut which was lovely.

9th Nov – I managed to find time to wash my hair – there wasn’t much happy me time!

10th Nov – On plan for Slimming World and had a brilliant after school dance party with Sprog before hubby got home from work.  Spent some time blogging which is my happy time.

11th Nov – STRESSED OUT at work. -Long day.

12th Nov – School trip. Kids were brilliant, stress gone, felt very chilled out.

13th Nov – Skipped into work but quickly the happy disappeared. Weigh in day – lost 1/2lb again which took me back to pre-Sprog but this still doesn’t quite feel like my happy weight.

14th Nov – quick dash in the evening but did have time for a shower with my posh relaxing shower gel from BeeFayre.

Then as I was thinking about writing this up, I dropped into Disillusioned Dad to read his #FitFamilyFriday post and he was focusing on SMART targets so I’ve decided to try and set myself a couple now.

1. To loose another 3 lbs. I don’t know if this will be a happy weight but it will be another 1/2 stone milestone so it seems a reasonable goal.  It is Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Relevant (it will hopefully make a difference to my self confidence) and Timed – that means I need a deadline. I’m going to say Christmas. I know that if I’m good I can maintain my weight through Christmas so that feels like a positive step.

2. To do one thing that makes me feel good each day. That could be ‘posh’ shower gel, plucking my eyebrows, painting my nails, writing a blog post but I need to make that time for me to be a happy Mama. I think this is pretty SMART – I think I’ll go for reviewing this at Christmas too.

So fingers crossed, wish me luck and off I go!


A happy picture of me (right) this week at a wedding wearing a dress that I wouldn’t have gone near at all since I got pregnant (2 years now!)


6 thoughts on “Finding mama time ~ Week 2

  1. Brilliant stuff about your goals and well done on losing another 1/2 lb. Don’t forget about the final E and R, constantly evaluate your progress to see whether you will meet your deadline and start thinking about your reward for achieving your goal. Once you’ve decided what you’ll give yourself it will add an incentive to achieve what you’re setting out to achieve. Good luck and you’re looking great in that photo, swit woo if I may be so bold, and so happy.

    • Thank you – I’ll hold off on the reward for now as I’ll want to make it one freaking huge bar of chocolate – kind of counter productive!
      Hubby persuaded me to wear the bright, marginally shorter dress which was a little more out of my comfort zone but I’m glad I wore it as it feels like a big step to have worn it out in public!

  2. I really like the idea of doing one thing that makes you happy each day – it is so crucial to your mental and emotional well-being, which is just good news for everybody! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou!

    (Ps – if you add our badge or a text link back to the linkup, we would be happy to tweet out your All About You posts!)

  3. Well done on your weight loss. I am totally there with you on this one. I’m also at pre sprog point but need to get back to pre-sprog number one hahaha complicated. Great post thanks x

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