Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

I haven’t done the Weekly Photo Challenge for a while but when I checked in on it, the theme was Angular. I quickly flicked through my phone to see what there was and was struck by this beauty.

Now I’m not saying that the photography is amazing but what this represents is beautiful to me. The angles created by the headstones and the shadows are so sharp and crisp. As the sun set over the Ypres Salient on Friday, the temperature dropped and the 70 year 9 students that I had taken to Belgium for the day stood silently overlooking Tyne Cot Cemetery.

Their quiet contemplation made the 4 a.m. start and 11 p.m. finish worth it. It was beautiful to see them stop and think. To consider the tough fight for all the soldiers, on both sides. To consider the scale of the death and causalities. To consider the loss felt.

Every year, I think I find it more difficult to be faced with this image. Now, with my son in my life, I shed a good few tears here. The thought of what happened, of what might happen, of what could have happened, I find overwhelming.



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