Hissy fit or “man up”?

Here’s my current “to do” list. I’m getting to the point of tiredness where I need to chill out but the point at work where i just need to “man up” and get on with it… I want to throw a hissy fit because I don’t want to “man up”!

This is just the stuff that needs doing by Monday!

1. 50 Year 9 source interpretation assessments to mark

2. 50 Year 10 exercise books to mark including homework essays

3. Write notes about year 10 students as it’s Parents evening on Tuesday

4. 9 lessons to plan

5. Get the Christmas decorations down

6. Organise advent calendars (I wanted to do nice ones with little pressies in, but I think a standard chocolate one will have to do)

7. Clean and tidy the kitchen (It’s looking really scabby at the moment)

8. Hoover the stairs

9. Make some healthy lunches to freeze for next week

10. Take Sprog out on Saturday so that hubby can revise for his exam


Plus, just playing and being mum! I think either I shall failure miserably or I shall not sleep and increase my dependency on caffiene and chocolate! So this weekend, as you all spend exciting and wonderful family time together (because when you’ve got s*** loads to do, no-one else does and they’re always having a wicked time!), spare a thought for the teacher in your life!


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9 thoughts on “Hissy fit or “man up”?

  1. So what did you do? I bet a few things revealed themselves as being nice but not so important, huh?! It’s bloody difficult even without a million essays to mark. You should give yourself a massive pat on that back and remind yourself that you’re bloody awesome xxx

    Thanks for linking up to #thelist xx

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