My beautiful family

When I started this blog, I didn’t want to share photos of myself and Sprog. As time has gone on, I have begun to post photos but rarely of his face as he hasn’t made a choice to appear online and I’m not sure that I have the right to make that decision for him.

However, some rules are made to be broken occasionally. I can’t help but share a few of my absolute favourite pictures from a little family photo shoot that we had this weekend. I couldn’t be more proud of both of my boys and these photos just made my heart swell with happiness and love for them both.

They were taken by the fantastic Vix at VP Photography in Worthing. She was great value for money, friendly and made us feel very welcome. She offers a package where you get to keep hard copies of the images for a very reasonable price indeed which is perfect for families who don’t always have money fountains which would pay for the more pricey photographers out there. You can find her on Facebook and at her website.

So here goes… a little bit of rule breaking.






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