Independent play and pretend cooking

This evening after work Sprog and I had a lovely play session. I desperately needed to get dinner on and he needed to do something active because he’d had a bit of TV time when I’d got home.

So I had a brain wave. Ages ago, I made Sprog some sensory pots. I simply grabbed some plastic pots and some craft bits, bunged the different bits inside pots and voila, I had sensory shakers!

Today, we went further. O yes. I think it was on our handy NHS email that toddlers may enjoy copying what we’re doing. So I got some pots out, I got the plastic shakers out and gave him a couple of the measuring spoons. I sat with him on the kitchen floor and we experimented with playing dishing the stars into the pots.

Sprog was honestly enthralled, so much so that he didn’t notice when I stood up and started dinner and played solidly for at least 20 minutes. I had to prise the pots from his hands to be able to eat his dinner!

We shall definitely be doing this again!





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