Bubble, bubble, bubble!


There’s one word that will now forever make me smile and make me a little bit warm and gooey inside.

There’s one word that will now forever melt my heart.

There’s one creation that will float by and hold memories of pride.

There’s one letter of the alphabet that will hold a special place in my soul (Sprog has since said another ‘b’ word, ‘Baby’ pronounced ‘Buby’ but I’ll take it)

There’s another day, another moment etched in my memory forever (my terrible brain power willing!)

There’s a super special and wonderful little boy who made me cry happy Mama tears…again.

And there’s a video clip of it (but I couldn’t upload it so you’ll have to make do with a photo)!

 P.S. I’m not good with words or writing description and this felt as hard as writing a poem to me!

Mami 2 Five

27 thoughts on “Bubble, bubble, bubble!

  1. How amazing is that first word! Fantastic choice by your little one! I once read that no one can be angry when saying the word ‘bubbles’ 😄

  2. Lovely verses … and my, what a proud moment! This is one of the treats of motherhood; the privilege of watching them grow and being part of so many firsts. Wow, what precious memories. Enjoy … so many more to come. #SundayStars

  3. How lovely! I am convinced that Bob said ‘Mummy’ as her first word. Not Mama either, she said Mummy really clear but as I was the only one there her Daddy doesn’t believe me. x

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