The little things that make me happy

It’s all too easy to become stuck in our daily routines, whatever they may be, and to forget to enjoy the little things. For example, this weekend is a very exciting moment in my life. I’m going to the cinema! I’m honestly a little giggly inside at the thought. I haven’t been at all in the last 18 months and it feels like forever since I took that time out to do something for me.

So here’s my list of the little things and the small moments of joy that make me smile. I wonder if you’re similar to me.

1- Going to the cinema obvs!

2- An early night in bed with some trashy TV.

3- When some old school Take That comes on the radio during the nursery run… Cue squealing Mama and a confused Sprog.

4- A really good hot shower.

5- When a student attempts to dig themselves out of a hole for not having their homework and ends up making it ten times worse.

6- The cake brought it at work on a Friday is chocolate, lemon drizzle or red velvet.. Hint hint colleagues!

7- I manage to successfully block the sun out of my classroom and keep the air flowing…the blinds vs the windows is an ongoing battle!

8- The super cheesy grin that Sprog flashes me when I get him up from his nap.


9- I catch hubby unwittingly singing a Disney Princess song! This happens more often than you would think!

Tell me all about your small moments that make you smile!!

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4 thoughts on “The little things that make me happy

  1. lol, cue Take That and a confused sprog – I totally get you! I get all giddy singing my heart out to them even when I have 2 very confused faces looking back at me!! hope you enjoy the cinema! I fav is defo getting in bed and watching trashy tv! 🙂

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