My bestie!

My friends rarely get much of a mention in blog land – partly because they are not hugely part of my bloggy world and partly because I’m not really sure how much they’d appreciate me spilling the beans on the big WWW!

However, I have been inspired to talk about one of my bestie’s today by the lovely people at SpaSeekers. I going to let you know why my friend Laura deserves a treat Spa Day in London complete with a yummy two course meal and glass of Prosseco!


Let me explain how we got to know each other as a starter. We’d been in the same class at school for at least a year before one day, as we were waiting to go into one of the delightful outside huts for English, she walked towards us with a great big spiral perm! I think the story goes that I shouted at her “What have you done to your hair?!” with varying levels of disbelief depending on who tells the story. That was 15 years ago. We’ve now been friends for longer than we have not. Trust me, she’s deserves a spa day for that feat.

Without painting myself as some kind monstrous princess, I’m not always the easiest person to put up with (goodness knows how my husband manages to live with me!). I can become quite self involved when I’m stressed out or tired, I can become focused on one thing and ignore a lot of what is going on around me. But she is absolutely always there for me, whether I remember that or not. But it’s not just me. She is so giving of her time, energy and love for everyone she knows. She will always offer to help out if she can and she will always support the people around her completely; she doesn’t get the stress blinkers on that I do.

I don’t think I know anyone with a more kind soul and more giving heart than Laura.

loz 1 loz 2

(She dealt beautifully with a heavily preggers me – the banana suits are when I was 7 months and at a Hen Do, the other picture is from 10 days before my due date at a wedding a good 4 hour drive from home – I ended up having Sprog 3 days after the wedding!)

She’s also had a really tough time in the last year. Along with the normal life stresses of doing up a new home, working as a teacher, getting a puppy and looking after everyone else, she also lost her Dad in the summer. Loz’s family are all very giving and wonderful and her Dad was no different, so his loss was such a massive blow to her family and she was so strong for everyone. She continues to be strong and a rock for her Mum in particular.

So you see, my bestie Loz, needs to go to a Spa (and take me with her, ahem) because she is truly wonderful and really deserves a treat for her (which is kind of from me) to say thank you for all the times when I may not have said it before and really should have done.

I was looking through photos to show you what she means to me…here’s a small selection from the years gone by!

 loz3  loz 4

Might I add that most of these photos do include fancy dress and as much varying levels of sobriety!

loz 5 loz 9 loz 8

Now, this last one is a proper oldie… it does actually date back to school – 2003 to be precise! That’s my only excuse…o… and it was part of a school fashion show in which the clothes were made by students.

loz 6

See, she’s put up with a A LOT!! If you have someone that you’d like to nominate then have a look at SpaSeekers page.

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