Weekly weigh in #3

jeansThis photo summarises my weight loss week perfectly to me. I have continued to enjoy the fact that my jeans feel more comfortable this week as I mentioned last week but unfortunately my head has not been completely in the game in terms of my diet.

Regular readers will know that last week my Grannie passed away and this all happened Tuesday evening shortly before I was due at weigh in; I obviously didn’t make it to my weigh in so today’s check is the first in 2 weeks since my lady bloat bludge week so I am really hoping for a great outcome this week.

Following Tuesday, my organisation went to pot. We didn’t have lunches ready each day, I’ve had a takeaway and a dinner out since then, and for a few days, I found that I didn’t actively feel hungry. I only noticed this at the weekend when I suddenly seemed hungry enough to eat a horse, several times over… at this point, there’s only so much fruit one can take so I did delve into the crisps and ate a few too many syns.

At the end of the week my FitBit Flex arrived and I’ve spent the weekend getting to grips with it. Despite having a blog, my husband and brother both joke that I’m not great with technology so the idea of me using wearable tech is quite amusing.  I have become mildly obsessed with my step count. Even the kids at school commented.  One class decided that it looked like I was wearing a tag after being released from prison (ha ha ha), they said it must have been for telling too many bad jokes! A younger class just thought that I was crazy for checking how much I walk.  But, it has made a difference, for example, whilst waiting for a meeting to begin which ended up starting 10 minutes late, I walked around the classroom whilst everyone sat on their bums. I walked nearly a mile in that time. That’s got to be good for me, right?!

So, I rocked up at weigh in tonight not know what to expect and the results are in…
3 1/2 lbs off! And I am very pleased. That puts me back on track for being the smaller version of me in time for hen dos and weddings that are happening and back on track for feeling more comfortable in my own skin! Whoop whoop!

Sim's Life

8 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in #3

  1. Ahhhh chick that is awesome about your weight loss – don’t beat yourself up about having a takeaway and a few more syns. If it helps, it helps! Glad you are getting to grips with your Flex, still love mine too, I totally forget I wear it now – was so conscious about it at first! Roll on next week xx Sim @ Simslife.co.uk #WeightLossWednesday xx

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