Weekly weigh in #4


Right, I can kind of feel myself routing for the excuses this week rather than a list of things that I’ve done really well.

There is no real reason why this week should have been bad, I’ve just struggled to have the will power against the naughty foods. We’ve had friends round for dinner, lunch out with an old colleague, two inset day lunches where we did bring and share lunches. None of these were things that I couldn’t have managed sensibly, I just choose not to. Who could resist the delightful cheesecake made for us?  And it lasted both days!

I have been hooked on my Fitbit still and have done my 10,000 steps every day but one as I was totally knackered and just wanted to sleep. I’m finding that it’s a great goal to have as it often forces me to get off my bum and move a bit more during the day. I have also finished the steps off by walking round the house in the evening if I haven’t managed to do it earlier on. I think that is helping me along.

So the all important information is how I got in at weigh in. It was tight as to whether I was even going to make it as Sprog got sent home from nursery again today… Just an ear infection for now! So I put on a little bit. Oops.

Back to it from tomorrow morning. No more naughties and back to counting and recording everything on a food diary. Let’s get serious again xx

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12 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in #4

  1. Glad you are still enjoying using the FitBit!! 🙂 Don’t worry about a little blip, you will find next week will be a different story! Sometimes we need a break off the weight loss journey to regroup and get back on it! Hope you are having a good week! Sim @ simslife.co.uk #WeightLossWednesday xx

  2. Its so tricky when there’s things going on, like you say it is a choice but still so hard to resist. We have friends over for dinner Fri, am out for dinner on a hen do on sat and at my mums for lunch on sun so I know that is not going to help with weight loss :/ #weightlosswednesday

  3. Ah, I always think you can’t be too hard on yourself – when things start becoming a chore, they are less motivational – sometimes you have to give in to the cheesecake!! Good luck with your next week and thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou

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