Valentines Day our way


Every company must have their form of a staff meeting. For me, it’s an hour after school sitting in the school hall on chairs which make my bum numb within 15 minutes and listening to national and local developments within education which, whilst useful, is not particularly exciting.  And whilst I would never condone that you not listen properly in these ever so important meetings, my colleagues and I are not always model students and during our last meeting, we made some notes about how we all spend Valentines Day knowing that I was bound to be writing a post about it soon.

So here we go, this is our list of things to do/NOT do for this Valentines Day. I have offered some alternative, more realistic, ideas for the parents of toddlers along the way.

The Do List

1 – See a show – those without children suggested a show in London which is exactly what I would have loved. In reality, the best I’d get is a trip to the cinema, and I’ve only had one of them in the last 18 months so spoil yourselves.

2 – Breakfast in bed – again from a non-parent. I’m not sure that I even enjoyed this a whole lot beforehand; if it’s cooked then it’s often cold by the time its upstairs and what about the crumbs in bed?! It’s more likely that I’d end up with a toddler in the bed.

3 – A cocktail making session – having done this at my Hen do I would highly recommend it, very enjoyable.  The parent friendly version is a drink in a tin – those little ones in the supermarket, they take no time to prepare and come in many different flavours.

4 – Roses – I do love a good show of romance and for lots of people a good bunch of roses will do it. They must not be stolen from someone’s garden or bought at the petrol station forecourt.

5 – A beautiful home-cooked 3 course meal (this is the one that we may actually be doing this year). It makes you have time to sit down together which is something that we are all guilty of neglecting (kids or no kids).  We’ll aim for 3 course home-cooked meal, and probably end up with pizza!

6 – Cheese and wine platter – a very grown up suggestion but one that I actually really like the idea of. We like wine, we like cheese and it doesn’t involve too much planning on my part!


The absolutely DON’T list

1 – So, one of my male colleagues suggested this after he actually did this for his fiancée recently. I’m telling any men reading this; buying Conference football tickets, buying chips and then making the poor girl watch more football when you get is not ok or anyone’s idea of romantic.

2 – Undies – in theory another great present but only if you know the actual and precise sizes. Don’t make it up – too small, too big… you are unlikely to win if you guess.

3 – Any form of petals or sparkly hearts in any type of concealed vessel – card, envelope, whatever – it will haunt you forever more, under the sofa, in the bed, tucked behind cushions.

4 – Teddy bears – not cool, ever!

5 – Ignoring it – don’t do that. It would mean that either you are past caring, or that you can’t take the time to appreciate each other and that is so not ok.

Personally, there has been a suggestion that this year, I may get some diamonds (big squeaks and squeals). We had a deal that when I popped a Sprog, I got more diamonds in the form of an eternity ring. My Sprog is almost 18 months old now and I have occasionally reminded hubby of this fact but I don’t think it’s been too relentless. In fairness, we did end up having a Sprog fairly soon after we wed which was not in original plans so we were still fairly skint from the wedding but I’m telling you now guys.. Diamonds are definitely a good bet!

I’d love to know what your plans are for Valentines Day. Are you going simple and sweet or complex and over-the-top?! I think the secret is that we all wish for fancy and elaborate but would actually just be happy with some quality couple time as opposed to parenting time!

Whatever you do, I hope you have a lovely time xx

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6 thoughts on “Valentines Day our way

  1. We don’t actually usually do anything. We have an agreement that it is just too soon after Christmas and then my boyfriend’s birthday so neither of us get the other anything. I much prefer the days he surprises me with flowers or my favourite chocolate throughout the year anyway than buying me something just because he has to. I don’t see it that either of us don’t care because we do it so many other ways every other day.

    I always get stick at my work when I tell people I got nothing…but I really, really don’t mind!

    That being said, if he ever did buy me a teddy bear or anything to do with football I’d have something to say!

    Some great ideas of what to do/not do in this post!

    – Gillian x

  2. I”m pointing Mike this-a-way! Ha! Conference Tickets. that is priceless. Perhaps his lady friend likes football?!

    thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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