Wicked Wednesday tantrum

The lovely Brummymummyof2 runs this linky every week and I’ve been linking up for a while but today I think I have my best ever #wickedwednesdays shot…I even got 2!

This all happened on Sunday when hubby when to watch the football and left us with a solo mama and sprog day. I normally love this but we were barely talking to each other by the end of the day.


“Mama? Hold me! Now! I don’t care that you are trying to do something. Pick me up, now!
Ah, lovely now I can see what you’re doing. Wait….don’t you dare put me down. Mama!

Argggghhhhhh!!!! Hold me!!”

(It’s worth me interrupting here to say that I was just trying to dish up our dinner)

“Mama! I don’t want to sit down. I just don’t. Arghhhhh. Food eh? Nope, arghhhh. I don’t want you to try and feed me…wait, don’t stop trying to feed me. I don’t want this.

The food is pretty yummy. Why won’t you let me dip my elephant in it?! Why?! Arghhhhhhh! Get me out?! No, I didn’t mean actually take me out, I want to eat!”

And so it continued… For a long long time. He did eat, better than normal in fact, but we stopped talking!


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