I should come with a health warning


See that big grown up face…that’s me! And I have a confession to make to the blogging world… I should come with a health warning.

See, I have this problem.
It’s haunted me for pretty much as long as I can remember. I don’t often do it intentional but when I do it, it often is a big BIG deal to whoever is affected.

I cannot keep a secret!

I am terrible, awful, atrocious even.

And my big mouth stuck again today! I had completely forgotten that what I had been told was a secret… as in, I only vaguely recollect being told that it was a secret. But our friends popped over and the girl had booked something exciting for the husband and boys and told me, I thought it was a great idea so booked for us to do it too but a few months after them. So when we saw them today, I shouted across the playing children… ‘Ahh, we’re going to Chessington too’… Silence. Tumbleweeds. Hours passed in those few seconds. The husband…’Are we going to Chessington?!’

O holy moly!
I went very red but only after my husband and the other girl glared at me. It was meant to be a secret for his birthday!
Pants, pants and pants again!!!
So the moral of this story…the truth is that I seem physically unable to keep a secret…so please people, just don’t tell me and then I can’t cock it up for you!!!

And I’m also very very very very sorry to everyone who’s secrets I have spoilt!

And then the fun began...

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17 thoughts on “I should come with a health warning

  1. Oh no! I feel your pain!! You must have been mortified. I’m sure everyone’ll look back and laugh about it in the not too distant future though! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout hon X

  2. I am so bad at keeping secrets too! Usually when I try get some a really cool birthday present or plan a secret trip I get too excited and end up just telling them. Christmas is a really hard time for me haha x

  3. Oh my goodness, I can just picture that whole scenario! I am pretty terrible at keeping secrets too and would simply rather not know!I found it so hard keeping those first 12 weeks of my pregnancy secret!! Thanks for linking up with #twinklytuesday

  4. Haha! Never mind! As my husband would say, ‘nobody died’. Self-awareness is the key. As long as you know you’re bad a keeping secrets that’s the main thing. Just make everyone else aware so they know not to tell you anything! x


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