Weekly weigh in #6

I rocked up at weigh in tonight feeling totally and utterly nervous as I lined up. Going to the weigh in I knew several things about this week; I had not hit my 10,000 step count for several days and that I had not stuck to any form of healthy eating really.

I had been struck by some pretty low self confidence in the last couple of weeks which has led me to feel completely exhausted and out of energy. I floated/dragged myself through my day at work on Monday as I crashed and burned! As a result, I haven’t even vaguely hit the magic step count since Friday.

Anyway, on to the positive news which is that I did manage to lose 1lb. Whoop! It’s taken away some of the damage of the last couple of weeks but it does only take me back to equal with the start of the year.

I set myself some targets last week. Now I clearly didn’t stick to the first one which was to do my steps.  Other than that, I have managed to start the 30 day ab challenge although I haven’t got very far. I have also been moisturising my lovely stretch marks and that has helped to ease some of the discomfort.

So the plan for the future, is that it is 7 weeks until the big Hen Do.  If I can manage it, I could lose 1lb a week and feel much better and more like myself by them. After surviving the lurgy and almost feeling like myself again, I feel ready to go again. I’m ready to go with looking after myself, with blogging and with getting my work sorted. Time to bring it on!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in #6

  1. You have had a crazy couple of weeks but the loss should definitely spur you on for the coming weeks – you have your incentive ‘thing’ which is the hen do – you really can do it! The fact you are at the same weight as when you started means you can start afresh with a clear head. Take each day as it comes chick!
    Thank you for signing up with #WeightLossWednesday xx

  2. Well done on having a loss, some times a bit of a break can help spur you on. I;ve got a fit bit and i’ve set my step goal at 8k rather than the magic 10. The first week I did my normal routine and was lucky to hit 6k. this last 2 weeks I have been more or less getting to 8 next week or the week after i’m going to increase it to 9 and once i’m comfortably getting that increase it again. here’s to next week best of luck xx

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