The one about being a rugby widow!

Every year the beginning of February creeps up on me as January whizzes past in a flash and without me having realised, the Six Nations starts.

In my pre-Mama days, the Six Nations meant 5 weekends where I spent one day wearing my England shirt, probably drinking beer and getting frustrated at the telly along with hubby.  It’s been a few years since I’ve had time to watch all of the games each weekend but many moons ago I was just as excited about each weekend as the hubby.

rugby widow

2008 at the Millennium Stadium, when there was so much time for rugby!

Since then, things have changed and the truth is that I sometimes feel like a bit of a rugby widow! Which kind of sucks, as I’d actually like to be doing the same as him.

Of a weekend now, our plans tend to include popping out to get anything that we need, lunch out, and play time in the afternoon. Sometimes we even have plans to see people, shocker! Whatever our plans, Sprog still has a nap and we still have some kind of a routine.  That is until hubby remembers that the rugby is on and then, in his mind, everything should come to a halt.

I know I’m lucky in the respect that he doesn’t want to disappear to the pub for the day leaving Sprog and I without our family time.  But he does sometimes make the mistake of thinking that Sprog will want to sit and watch a whole match without wanting to disturb his Daddy. ‘Uh Oh’ as Sprog says… that is sooooo not going to happen.

So this season for the Six Nations, I determined to somehow make rugby weekends into more of a family affair… any ideas would be hugely appreciated.  How about any rugby arts and crafts that we could do at the same time as the match?!

And then the fun began...


5 thoughts on “The one about being a rugby widow!

  1. This sounds just like our household. I loved watching the rugby before we had a family. It’s now a bit of a frustration if it clashes with nap time as Mr TB can’t contain himself when there’s a ‘wrong’ decision or something similar. We try to fit in walks and other family time before the match. Then the Tot and I pop out or do some colouring/baking. Maybe there are some rugby cookie cutters we could try 🙂

  2. Ahh yes it’s not easy! How about finding a little soft rugby ball to play with at the same time and even getting some teddies involved, like a teddy rugby team? Kids love copying so he may sit for a while playing with the teddies but getting through a whole game might be tough. My 9 year old who plays rugby himself will now sit through a game but he probably wouldn’t have before the age of 8. Good luck! x

  3. That’s a great idea about some little rugby crafts! These first few years are really hard when you realise that things you took for granted before are off the agenda for the foreseeable – but not forever! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  4. When you find the answer please let me know? My husband plays rugby every weekend and obviously as a rugby fan watches! Sometimes my 2 kids are happy to have some quiet time and watch the game – other times not so much! Do you have a local child friendly rugby club where you can all go for a run around on the pitch then watch it in the bar with kiddie snacks? Take some pop corn and Rugby top trumps? That’s the only thing I can think of? Hope that helps? #thetruthabout

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