Give a toddler a torch!



Give a toddler a torch, if you haven’t already then this game is hilarious!
Sprog has already spent 30 minutes this morning making Mama and Daddy chase the light around the room. I suspect that I will be spending much more time doing this today!
I know that he also has a torch  with a button on it at my mum’s which he loves turning on and off.
But how simple is this as a toy! Careful with the batteries though obvs!


13 thoughts on “Give a toddler a torch!

  1. Wonderboy is obsessed with torches! So much so that his Grandma got him a Thomas the Tank one for Christmas. All the toys in his playroom and it’s a bloomin torch that captures his imagination! x

  2. Imagine the fun he’d have if he had a kitten to chase that light!

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  3. I had to buy all my kids their own flashlights with rechargeable batteries because they kept running down the batteries on my flashlight. I’m convinced they intentionally push their toys under the couch so they have a reason to use their flashlights. #BigTopBlogParty

  4. My kids loved to play with flashlights when they were younger as well. Now they use them to torment the dogs and the cat. All three animals will chase the light for hours if you let them!

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    Lysa xx
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  5. I love this. When I worked in a nursery pre baby we often gave the 1.5 year olds torches and turned the lights off, it was hilarious. It was always a good idea at the end of the day when they were waiting for mummy and daddy, totally took their minds of waiting for them! x

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