Toddler graffiti

I have been giddy with excitement (and exhaustion) about half term as I am determined to really make the most out of it with Sprog. We haven’t had very much quality together recently as work has been incredibly busy so I was excited to see what we could do this week.

Here’s the first of at least 3 crafty posts from our half term week!

This is a complete trial as Pinterest assured me this should be pretty easy and turns out that it really was!

1. Prepare your piece of paper by sticking down masking tape in whatever shape or lettering you wish to be left untouched.

2. Let the kids go crazy with the paints! Sprog did this whole picture with blue, red and yellow paints and then a touch of red glitter glue to finish it off.

3  1


3. Leave the paint to dry, far away from the children. Out of grabbing distance.  If you fail in this step, expect to see much paint spread everywhere when you think you’ve already finished cleaning everything away.


4.  Once dry, remove the masking tape! It really is that simple.


I really love this as a way of create some graffiti from the kids.  It could form some art work for their rooms, a birthday/father’s day/mother’s day card, or be just because you want a bit of fun!  It’s easy enough that even my very uncreative and clean freak husband could do it with Sprog if he so desired!

Let them be small


16 thoughts on “Toddler graffiti

  1. We did this last year, its a great activity for all ages, Ellie, then 9 enjoyed as much as Evie who had just turned 2. Thanks for sharing.


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