T-shirt painting and printing

I have loved having crafty time with Sprog over the half term holidays and I was really lucky to be asked by the lovely people at www.buytshirtsonline.co.uk to give some t-shirt painting a whizz with Sprog. At 18 months old he was never going to be able to produce something spectacular by himself so with a helping hand he produced a ‘Painting t-shirt’! We were sent a great pack with t-shirt paints, a t-shirt each and an iron on transfer each. tshirt 1So here’s how we created our ‘masterpieces’. 1. I created messages on the backs of the two t-shirts. I was surprised at how easily the paint came out of the tube and how smooth it was. I could have used the whole lot there and then without Sprog.

Tshirt 2   tshirt 3

2. When the paint had all dried, I set up our painting station and Sprog got stuck in. He chose which colour he wanted each time, I put in on to our pallet and he dipped, painted, splodged his way into making 2 awesome designs.

tshirt 4

3. When he went to sleep, I got the iron out! Don’t fall over in shock people, I do know what one is and how to use it… I just choose not to in my normal life. And this was evident as I failed pretty miserably at ironing the transfer on to my t-shirt, I was much better second time round at holding it on for longer! tshirt 5 So here’s the finished article… lovely comfy t-shirts personalised for Sprog for him and I, and I love them! Thank you ever so much to the guys at www.buytshirtsonline.co.uk for sending us the shirts, we really enjoyed playing and making something lovely with them!

tshirt6 tshirt7

*We were sent this pack of 2 t-shirts, transfers and t-shirt paints in return for an honest review of the products*

Let them be small

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36 thoughts on “T-shirt painting and printing

  1. We did this last week during half term and all the kids loved it, well Elsie didnt take part, but Evie (2.5) Jenson (almost 4) and Ellie (10) loved it!

    I love your designs they are very cute! #ToddlerApprovedTuesdy

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