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I was super excited when Baker Days contacted me to review one of their amazing Letterbox Cakes for Mother’s Day.  My first Mother’s Day was a bit higgledy as we spent it travelling to America for my brother’s wedding. This year will be different as it will be more about the 3 of us a day out together. A little treat to myself/from Sprog was just what was needed to start this whole thing off.

I was excited every day waiting on the post knowing that it was coming… I know… a bit sad, eh? But it’s the little things like cake that keep me happy.  Then today after the long trudge of manic report writing during my lunch break, teaching a busy day and then going into a 3 1/2 hour parents evening, it arrived.


All very nicely packaged as I was expecting having seen a few examples elsewhere and I was so eager to dig in. As I took the top off the tin, I could smell cakey goodness! And then, this beauty was revealed!


Is that not just completely adorable?! I really enjoyed the fact that the icing goes all the way to the edge of the cake board and the printed icing is extremely clear and obviously of a great quality.


I nervously cut into the cake as the contents was to be a total surprise…for once in my life I was really hoping that it wasn’t chocolate cake as hubby and I have both given up chocolate for lent! And we were happy! A beautiful Victoria sponge cake hid beneath the colourful icing and hubby and I quickly gave up any pretence of delay and got stuck right in.

I thought it was only fair to share both of our thoughts… hubby thought the idea of the letterbox cake is brilliant and that the cake was very moist. He however, didn’t enjoy the icing so much.  He doesn’t have a great sweet tooth for icing though whereas I love it! I thought the icing was spot on as I actually didn’t want to eat the whole cake in one go which I thought I probably would when I saw the size of it (a mere 5 inches).  The butter icing is very cleverly used to secure the cake to the board and is also deliciously sweet and lovely! Whilst it did only last us the evening – we are cake fiends and I had finished a very long day at school – it was incredibly filling and yummy.

Baker Days do a whole range of personalised cakes and in a whole variety of sizes.  They also do a range of cupcakes which look fab for a little something special at a party!  The cakes start from £14.99 and whilst I may not spend that regularly on people’s birthday presents for a cake this size, for a one off treat a present, this is a really great product.

*I was sent a Mother’s Day Cake by Baker Days in return for an honest opinion about the product*

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