Weekly weigh in #8

Screenshot_2015-02-26-21-22-38I’m a tad late posting about my weight loss this week as Tuesday evening was parents evening so I didn’t get to a weigh in until this evening.

And for the first time in ages I wasn’t nervous as I drove to weigh in, I hadn’t even really thought about the actual number that the scale would show and was very calm.  I knew that this week my clothes were much more comfortable and that I had moved more and that I had eaten better. By better I don’t mean 100% Slimming World – I ate Jelly Babies and cake on Tuesday (parents evening!!) – but healthier choices.  I think the chocolate ban for lent has helped but I definitely feel that the Slimpod is helping to get my head in the right space.

The Slimpod is just such easy listening before I go to sleep every night and I think I’ve fallen asleep listening to it at least twice this week.  It has such great positive messages about creating the me that I want to see and I’ve definitely noticed that I’m snacking less and drinking more water.  I love the fact that I get daily emails to support me to stay focused and that they pop up during my day at work.

So anyway… this week’s results are in.  This week was a stonker (at last) with 2 1/2 lbs off!

Sim's Life

9 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in #8

  1. That is an awesome weight loss chick!! Just what you needed! 🙂 It isn’t about what the scales tell you all the time, your clothes feeling looser are a good indication of weight loss too! Hope you are having a fab week! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope to see you again for Week 9! 🙂 Sim x

  2. I always feel sick when I’m gearing up to get weighed. I think the only time I’ve ever been excited about the scales was when I’d had norovirus! x


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