Me and mine for February


Of all the many, many, many photographs that we attempted for this month’s shot, this is the only one of all 3 of us facing the camera!
The wind was whipping around the park, the sun was incredibly bright and there was a lot of snot from a cold little Sprog!
So here we are, a bunch of crazy, windswept and half-blind-from-the-sun happy smiley people!

Here’s what we’ve been loving

– Animal noises – cat, dog, cow, horse and elephant are his favourites.
– Learning to say ‘Timmy’ for our cat and trying to play with him.
– Chasing the torch light around the room.

– Lots of play time with Sprog
– Six Nations and his big rugby time!
– Daddy and Sprog day when I was at the Baby Show for the day.

– Lots of crafting and painting with Sprog.
– Having a little bit of ‘me’ time when I went to The Baby Show.
– Being inspired by so many other women who are putting themselves out there with self employment and taking risks for their families.

dear beautiful

6 thoughts on “Me and mine for February

  1. Awww love the family picture – very sweet! It’s a job and a half trying to get everyone looking at the camera! Sim x

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