Friday night relaxing time


This evening, I left work early. So early that I was walking out with some of the kids as they left after clubs. I zoomed to the other side of town and a had a facial.

I had forgotten the sheer bliss of a facial. Total relaxation. Just me, darkness, soft music and slow deep breaths for nearly a whole hour.

I had forgotten how I leave the salon standing taller, with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face.

I had forgotten the relaxation of someone massaging my shoulders, neck, face, head.

And then, when I picked him up, I very very quickly remembered that I am the very proud owner of a toddler. Who now screams, loudly if he doesn’t get his way.

Happy Friday night mama… FYI, I’ve enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine now, am feeling pretty relaxed and am heading to bed soon!


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