The upcoming weeks…

I’m going to be taking a little mini-break from blogging in the coming weeks as I have rather a lot going on at the moment and something’s got to give.

My lovely, brilliant, intelligent and hard-working year 11’s have to write their 2000 word essay worth 25% of their mark and I know that so many of them could get A’s and A*’s if I push them.  I need time to be able to push them. I need time to look at their work. I need time to have my head in the game.

In just 3 short weeks, I will be returning from one of my closest friend’s Hen weekend’s, as a bridesmaid this means that I have an awful lot to plan in the next 3 weeks along with hair trails etc for the wedding! I need time for planning, for cutting and sticking, for shopping.  I need time to be the best bridesmaid I can be without being distracted.

I have been getting very frustrated with the lack of quality time that I get to spend with Sprog without worrying about all the things that I need to do but haven’t had time to do.  I just want to enjoy him as much as possible.

I need to find an opportunity to rebuild myself. In amongst all the guilt of not being able to do as much at school as I used to, the guilt of not being at home from Sprog like I want to be, the guilt of not having time to be a good and supportive wife, the time that I put into writing and promoting posts, I’m beginning to lose ‘me’ a little bit. I need to take time to change the balance. I need time to finish the book that I started reading at Christmas, time to paint my nails… man, even time to wash my hair would be an improvement!

You’ll know that I’m all about ‘balance’.  So I’m not planning to stop blogging altogether, but just to play about with the ‘balance’ of aspects of my life.  I’ll still be linking up to some of my fav’s like #WickedWednesday and #MySundayPhoto.  I’ll still be posting my Weight loss journey and my brilliant (even if I do say so) Balancing Act feature each week as I have some great mum’s lined up, but I’m not going to worry about planning new posts unless something comes to me!

So I hope that in a few weeks, I can write that I have readjusted and I am ready to write properly again… but we’ll see…no pressure!


5 thoughts on “The upcoming weeks…

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I like to give 100% to everything I do, and this takes time, so sometimes some things need to be put on the back burner while other things are prioritised. Hope you manage to get a little you time in amongst all the busy! xx

  2. Definitely no pressure! And definitely the right decision when ‘real life’ gets in the way! I used to put so much pressure on myself to maintain my blog at all times regardless of what life was throwing at me and it’s too stressful! Good luck to your yr 11s and have a fun time with all the bridesmaid duties!

  3. Ahh don’t worry. Blogging can be so time-consuming. Being a stay at home mum I can only really write when toddler is napping or asleep so I’m already impressed you manage to write with a job & toddler! Enjoy the break – hope you get some good quality time 🙂 x

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