Do you like me?!

A funny question, I know, but do you like me? Do you like my blog and what I say? Who knows?! I get the feeling that there are at least a few people who read my ramblings and maybe enjoy them… if that is you, then firstly a big hi *waves* and secondly, I have a favour to ask.

I’ve never been a very popular person… don’t get me wrong, I have great friends and family and I love them all dearly. But I’m not a ‘popular’ person.  I don’t have oodles of friends, I don’t win anything based on how many people know or like me.  My successes in life have all been because I have individually worked hard and achieved something.

The one time that I did try to get elected to something that I was really passionate about, it didn’t turn out well. I was meant to be in with a good chance, I had the experience, I had the friends within the Students Union and I still didn’t win. I held my head up high and got on with it.


I’m the one in the middle dressed as Top Cat running of the Students Union elections for Education Officer!

This time around, I have literally no idea what chance I stand of being nominated but if there’s anything a year as a blogger has taught me, it’s that in order to make progress, we have to ask sometimes.  My #BalancingAct feature would never have got off the ground if I hadn’t asked some amazing bloggers if they would mind contributing and some of the opportunities I have like going to the Baby Show in London, would not have happened had I not put myself out there. So at the risk of reliving the failings of 7 years ago (almost exactly), I asking if you would consider nominating me and this little blog for a BiBs Award!

I have carefully considered the ways that I might tempt you to nominate me. Being a teacher I have a fairly wide repertoire in terms of getting work done from students – albeit they are 12-16 years old! So here were my options… make you feel bad that you’re taking time away from Sprog if you don’t revise well and have to resit because you are making me do marking…play the hard line b**** and just be really nasty to you for messing around in my lesson… tempt you with the delayed gratification of revising and working hard for 2 years to achieve an A grade at the end of it all…or bribe you with sweets.

I’m going with bribery… if you nominate me (please pretty please), I will give you a sweet*.  If you nominate me and share this post on Twitter or Facebook, I will give you 2 sweets**. If you nominate me and share this post on Twitter AND Facebook, I will give you 3 sweets*** and a reward badge for outstanding effort on the school system!

*  This is unlikely to occur in real life  ** Really unlikely to happen in reality  *** your effort will instead be rewarded by a warm fussy feeling inside your heart (and it’s not indigestion from eating the 3 sweets too quickly)!

If after all this unshameful bribery you think you would like to vote for me then head over to the BiBs page here, click on the big blue button and fill in the page. I think I’m probably going to be in with a shot at family blog which is right down the bottom of the page but you can, of course, nominate me wherever you see fit.

You don’t need to fill in the whole form if you don’t want!

In talking to a colleague about this today, she made me go all shy and embarrassed when she said that my blog is refreshingly honest and always makes her smile when she reads it! Eeee, if it makes you think nie thoughts too, please give me a nominations – I’d really appreciate and, bribery aside, I would send you great big virtual hugs to say thank you.
Mami 2 Five

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