Wicked Wednesday – slipper war


“Look Mama I have your slippers, I’ve been putting them on my feet! They’re so big! Can I put one on your toes? Awesome, sit still. Yay! Mama’s wearing one. Wait… Mama’s wearing one… I want it…waaaaahhhhhhh!
I want that slipper, waaaaahhhhhhh!”

This week has seen some almighty hissy fits about the simplest of things in the Mamavsteacher household. Perfect for linking up to #wickedwednesday from BrummyMummyof2 where she wants to see our pictures from the moments where the kids think we are wicked!


See my plea for nominations here


15 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – slipper war

  1. Oh gosh poor you I hope it passes soon. Holly is exactly the same only difference is she literally screams the flat down if you say no or she can’t have something Ella is playing with… I’m dreading her turning two lol xx

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