My ‘to do’ list

Just as I would like to start winding down to chill out for a lovely easter break, I find myself contemplating a massive list of things that needs doing. So naturally, in true blogging style, I thought I’d share.

– 150 year 8 assessments to mark
– 100 ish items of food shopping to organise and transport to a hen do
– 75 year 9 assessments to mark
– 45 year 10 books to mark
– 28 year 11 2000 word essays to get written
– 25 end of year 11 form tutor reports to write
– 23 lessons to teach
– 11 homemade easter cards to post
– 5 more early morning school get-ups
– 4 lbs to magically loose (oops)
– 2 more meetings to get through
– 2 (just about) fluffy eyebrows to be threaded

And a few more secret things that I can’t post about for the hen do, obvs!

I think there might be a fair amount of coffee involved and not a huge amount of sleep but hopefully I can get this done so that I am able to start the Easter holidays list!!

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9 thoughts on “My ‘to do’ list

  1. Wha….? Ummmm…. Haha I thought my to do list was long. I have close to 30 articles to read for uni and four discussion questions to respond to, mixed in with usual mum stuff. But I will think of you as I’m waist deep in readings. Hope you get as much done without burning out!

  2. It was looking mammoth on Friday and it’s still looking mammoth now!! I hope you managed to blitz the lot (and loose anything not as important!!) xxxx #TheList

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