Sprog helps Mama out

For various reasons, the last few weeks at work have been crazy. I have had to work a lot at home and do an awful amount of marking.

This has meant that I have spent some of Sprog’s waking time holed up in our study, something that I desperately try to avoid. However, I get small snippets of him joining me now and then.


Our selfie/melfie for March had to be one of these shots. We were playing as he copied my facial expressions and thought it was hilarious. Turns out my boy is a bit of a flirt with the camera!


He did also try to help with my marking, especially when he saw my pretty pink pen that I do it with (much more exciting than standard red to take away some of the pain of marking).



Β Californian Mum in London


20 thoughts on “Sprog helps Mama out

  1. Sprog looks like he enjoys time in the Study with Mummy, those are some big grins on his face. It’s so cute that he wants to help you with the marking too, maybe he’ll grow up to be a teacher too! Popping in from Magic Moments.

  2. I love it when they copy! J is in this phase now, so we’re teaching him funny faces! Great pictures x

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