Going on an adventure with Tommee Tippee

I am very excited to be able to offer you my very first ever competition and giveaway on behalf of Tommee Tippee! I was delighted (by which I mean, I jumped up and down squealing in a very uncool fashion) when I was invited by Tommee Tippee to their launch of this range of cups at the Baby Show (I told you I was excited!).


Sprog enjoying a good musical pot bashing session in his PJ’s with his trusty cup by his side.

Since we received the cups, Sprog has been giving the 12+ months straw cup a good running through it’s paces and it’s come out pretty well. The cup is non-spill (naturally, who would seriously have a toddler and a free flow cup?!) so that the furniture does not get too drenched as he hurtles around. It has 2 key features that I love. Firstly, the insulated cup means that in the summer, Sprog’s cool water is going to stay cool for a little bit longer when we are out and about. Secondly, the straw started off very stiff to open and close which I enjoy because it means that Sprog has learnt to ask ‘please’ when he wants it opening. It is starting to loosen now and no doubt as he becomes stronger, this cup will last us as he becomes able to open it for himself.


All of the cups at each age stage in this new range are interchangeable so should I want to use the straw top without the insulated cup, I could swap the bottom for the sports or sippy cup, or more likely, should I want to put the insulated base with the sports top, I would be able to do that too.

The designs of the cups are all so fun. Ours has a tractor on it which was great during the tractor obsession a few weeks ago, we’re on to airplanes now! Some of the others have bees and vegetables and birds on them and really are gorgeous. The whole lot seem really practical and great for ‘on the go’ parenting. We had one teeny problems with leakages when I filled it right up but once I reduced the amount of water in it, we had no more leaky bits!

We’ve been taking our cup everywhere with us so believe me when I say that it’s been well tested. It’s a regular at meal times, snack times and normal sipping times. It’s now my go-to cup for leaving the house as I know that he won’t be able to make any mess or damage anything anywhere we go by spilling or pouring unwanted water everywhere.


Adventures have included drinks after a soft play session, drinks sat on the stairs in Debenhams after he insisted we climb all 4 floors only to discover that the lift was out of order and that we’d also be walking back down, and drinks in the car that we could not remove him from at a friend’s birthday party.

If you follow this link, the lovely Rafflecopter fairies are going to take care of you and help you as you enter the competition for the 3 very lovely cups that I have to giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveawayTT6

Here they are in all their loveliness – a 4 months+ sippy cup, a 7 months+ straw cup and a 12 months+ sports bottle. This would mean that the lucky winner has something to see them right the way through from starting to wean to becoming a big, strong, independent and therefore mildly crazy toddler.

Deadline for entries is 1st May 2015.

*The products reviewed and used in this competition were provided by Tommee Tippee.  All opinions are my own.*

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U, me and the kids

36 thoughts on “Going on an adventure with Tommee Tippee

  1. Ooo, very exciting! It won’t be long until we are in the world of sippy cup adventures, in fact, it’s only a week and two days until weaning begins! Where has that time gone, my little girl will be 6 months old and I can’t believe it.
    We’ve had lots of adventures already though, including a couple of weeks ago when she made it to the most westerly and most southerly point of mainland UK during her first week long holiday to Cornwall, we saw in the new year in the far south east corner of the country too, so she’s well travelled already, an insulated and non spill cup would be great on all our long car trips (think 11 & a half hours to Cornwall has been the longest so far!). xXx

  2. Ooh love this giveaway! Would love a chance to win! Love tommee tippee! We just got home from a playdate with her other little 10 month old friend and my little 10 month old skipped her morning nap and was up for 8 hours until she crashed a few minutes ago! Too much fun for her this morning!

  3. Great review, I found I was always buying and testing new cups and bottles when T was little, I wish I’d have known about blog reviews then!

    Thanks for linking again to #toddlerapprovedtuesday x

  4. These look great, I love that they’re insulated – very handy with a hot day like today and summer on the way. Great competition, and congratulations on scoring it!! Great review and great comp – I’m off to enter now! 🙂 Ray xx @ lukeosaurusandme.blogspot.co.uk #toddlerapprovedtuesday (we’re hosting a competition that you might be interested in too, at the mo!)

    • as for my adventure! Today we went on a huge shopping spree and ended up on soft play. Luke climbed all the stairs by himself, for the first time ever, and went down the slide all by himself for the first time too! He then proceeded to do this over and over again for about half an hour, clapping each time he did it! xx

  5. I took my two daughters to Tatton Park yesterday, my youngest is just starting to toddle about and it is so lovely watching her chase after her big sister and start to properly play 🙂 X

  6. Well giving birth to my daughter 3 weeks ago was a pretty big adventure! Luckily a pleasant one…2 hours in the water! 🙂

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