Feeling a bit Sheeeeepish

I’m sure that many families did something similar over Easter weekend but we had debated whether to head to a farm or to a local park and went with the farm. This is what we got.


Sitting in the car boot, getting wellies on, eating snacks and applying suncream whilst Daddy got in the epic queue to get into the farm.


Standing and sometimes shouting furiously at the sheep.  He was fascinated and has got his ‘Baaaaa’ down! We bumped into a work colleague with her daughter which was lovely and they stood peering at the sheep together.


A little lamb in the sun.  We had the opportunity to hold and stroke a lamb and Daddy and I took it in turns to queue for this but by the time we got there Sprog was so uninterested and cranky that only I got a good cuddle in.  He was too hungry by then!


I have a couple of shots like this now from various places and I just love seeing my two boys walking alongside each other.  Sprog completely adores his Daddy and these are such lovely pictures for showing that.


Obviously loving a bit of a tractor ride! No actual riding to be had as we couldn’t face another queue but we did then have our lunch on one of the benches in a much quieter area than the main farm yard.


And how could we not finish with a family shot?! You can tell how much we were trying to make Sprog enthusiastic but this was shortly before the hungry meltdown so he wasn’t feeling particularly smiley at that point.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


5 thoughts on “Feeling a bit Sheeeeepish

  1. Aww, love the last photo! We need to take more like that, I imagine it would be near impossible to get both our boys smiling at the camera too! A lovely farm visit, shame the queues were so long though.

  2. Aw bless Sprog, it looks like it was very exciting and all too much by the end! Such a shame it was so busy with queues, it must be a popular farm to visit. We had Easter day lambs born too, our guests loved helping out with them between egg hunting. I hope Sprog will have a ride on our farm tractor one day. Thank you for sharing your farm visit with me on Country Kids.

    • Oh that would be lovely. I was actually checking it out the other day but we’re limited to school hols because I teach and it’s currently beyond our range for all of those dates 😦

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