Weigh in #12


Firstly, after posting last week about how stuck I felt in my rut, I had so much support and so many people saying how they felt a similar cycle to me and it at least showed me that I wasn’t alone.  At best, your comments spurred me on to try and break the cycle.

After 4 days totally back on plan with Slimming World, I was hoping for a loss at least. And until today I had been feeling better but after lunch a really bloated feeling set in and when I got home from work my stomach had expanded to the point of looking pregnant again 😦

I held my nerve and went to weigh in, I lost 1/2lb.

I couldn’t work out how I felt about it.

I had been looking at my daily positives with my Slimpod and recording them on the Slimpod group on Facebook.

I had eaten well, properly, without slip up. I realised that I would have liked more than that as a loss and I was quite disappointed.

I’ve just been to the shop on the way home. I haven’t binged out completely… I have had a chocolatey treat but I’ve also bought fruity treats for tomorrow.

Honestly, I’m a bit gutted.

But tomorrow, I shall get on with and get back to it all.

Super Busy Mum

8 thoughts on “Weigh in #12

    • I’ve got to just keep focused day-to-day, I know that…the next couple of days are going to see a lot of marking getting done and that normally means stress and bad habits come back but I’m trying really hard not to let them in.

  1. A loss is still a loss, and 1/2 a pound it still good! Try not to feel disappointed with it, it’s a long journey and some weeks you will lose half a pound, some weeks you may lose 2 or 3, just keep going x

  2. Hey lady… a loss is a loss and it shows you have worked hard for it! It’s good that you are back on track with Slimming World, I hope you have a great week and the scales surprise you. Glad that you are also feeling a little better from how you were in your last post! You have lots of support behind you! Sim #WeightLossWednesday xx

  3. I can understand you must have felt disheartened, but then Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that so I’m sure you’ll find steady progress as you continue. Good luck lovely!Thanks for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx

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