The wheels on the bus

I love the idea of the first times that I get to do things with Sprog and I have to balance that with working and I worry that I will miss things. During the holidays I run the risk of becoming a woman possessed with doing exciting things and overly structured play!

However, during the Easter break, I did have a great time when we explored one of Sprog’s current obsessions… the bus!

bus 5 bus 4

bus 1  bus 2

He was hilarious and totally unsure about he enjoyed it or not.  After weeks of obsessing over buses and shouting at every one that he sees, he was excited as the bus pulled up. When we jumped on and unbuckled him, he clung like a limpet to me for the whole journey.

He was baffled and puzzled by the concept of moving without being strapped down. He was fascinated with the other people on the bus.  I had to hold him back from pressing the bell a bit too early, several times.

bus 6

As we got off the bus, he smiled and waved at the boy who had just got on the bus.  He screamed when I tried to put him down and I think that he did enjoy it so we’ll be doing that again in the summer holidays!

Mami 2 Five
Mami 2 Five

8 thoughts on “The wheels on the bus

  1. ah I must take Ted on a bus, amazing how times goes so quickly and you realise the things you’ve not done yet. Glad he enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Children are such a great reminder of the wonder of all that we take for granted. My children, too, were bemused at the idea of being in a vehicle without being strapped in on their first bus ride. I, of course, was from the pre-carseat era. 🙂 Thanks for linking up at #twinklytuesday.

  3. Ah so sweet, I remember the first time I took my two on the bus they thought it was such a treat, Its so sweet his little face is a picture on your photos so excited x

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