1 year after returning to work

It is officially an entire year since I returned to work from maternity leave.  Those 12 months have been some of the longest of my life.

I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to put in to words how I felt successfully so I’ve doodled my ideas.


I have resolved to encourage other Mama’s and Daddy’s to find the best working and family balance and situation for them and their families.  I think I’m finding this increasingly difficult as I find my own balance becomes more unsatisfactory but I do think that some of the examples that we’ve heard from have been truly inspirational.  Em from Brummymummyof2 (featured here on #BalancingAct) keeps me fascinated in her little world with her energy and enthusiasm whilst managing teaching (part time) and family life.  So many of the other people who have been on #BalancingAct has it far more ‘sorted’ than I do but likewise there’s been a good number who are still struggling to find any balance!

I often find myself in utter awe of some women who seem to find time and energy where I have none and who have created their own successful businesses, no matter how big or small, after they’ve had children.

One year later, I still love working and not being at home all the time but I am just so tired of the constant pressure from my work world demanding time of my home world and the two not being able to coexist nicely.  I need to work, I am wired that way but there is now a huge part of me that needs to be able to be with my family and to spend time more relaxed than I spend my days now.

In 7 1/2 weeks, I move to a new school and I have a lot of hope pinned on this being the chance that I need for things to change in my favour and to feel like I’m winning a bit more.  Who knows?! I may get very lucky and there may be drastic changes, however, after 7 years in schools, I have a whole heap of cynicism to go with me now!

monthly melfie

So the conclusion is that after a year back in the classroom, I am still Mamavsteacher! I am still struggling to find a balance of both worlds and still struggling to not feel that working Mama guilt.

If you’ve been enjoying my struggle for balance and my journey as a full time working Mama, then I’d love it if you could spare 2 minutes to nominate me for the Mum and Working Working Parent Blogger 2015. Click the link and follow the website through.

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9 thoughts on “1 year after returning to work

  1. I don’t think, as mums, there is ever an escape from the guilt, sadly! I think the best we can do is assure ourselves that we are doing the absolute best we can for our families and ourselves. My guilt comes when I have to work when the children are around and they have to entertain themselves for an hour or so. It isn’t every day, but it is a couple of times a week probably. I reassure myself with something I was told about another family who worked from home – that their children had grown up seeing how hard their parents worked to be able to live a lifestyle they all reaped the benefits of, and now have a very good life/work attitude. I really hope you are able to find the balance you strive for and really enjoy your blog! Xxx

  2. Reading your blog, it sounds like you’re doing really well my lovely. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. Teaching is such a consuming vocation – by being conscious of the importance of other things and having a plan you are half way there. Sure beats drowning in it 😉 Hope your new job brings the changes you hope for. Xx

    23 April 2015 at 08:27

  3. i think you have it harder than done as teaching goes beyond the classroom & extra pressure is always being plied on you from other sources (the government!) so please don’t beat yourself up or compare to others. Best of luck in your new school. #sundaysStars

  4. I think the problem is Teaching its such a rewarding career but what is expected of your home life is unrealistic and unfair at times, you seem to be doing a great job, I teach in FE so ti s easier to manage with online testing etc, I am much stricter these day if it doesn’t get done at work then I will work my lunch break but not bring home. Its so hard isnt it x

  5. Since we got back from our holiday I’ve been really thinking about balance and how to strike it. I’ve been back at work for about 14/15 months now and I don’t think we are using our time that well yet. x


  6. I understand you don’t feel all that satisfied with your work/life balance if it doesn’t give you energy. I am not employed and don’t have kids, so I am doubly in awe of those women who manage to juggle life with kids and their own business. Do I sense it correctly that to some extent you wish you had these women’s level of energy? I for one do. #SundaysStars

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