Me and mine April 2015

I love the Me and Mine link up which is run over at Dear Beautiful every month as it really makes us stop and think about getting a family photo each month.  However, I was less prepared this month than usual so our photo is a very simple couple of snaps from the sofa this morning once we were all up and dressed.  The only way to get Sprog to participate this morning was to include his new beloved airplane!



This month:

Mama has been loving;

  • Gossip Girl on Netflix 😦 I’ve finished it now
  • Claiming back some time for me and doing less marking at home
  • Working with my Year 11’s as they are a really lovely and hard working bunch of kids who are all trying so hard for their exams.

Daddy has been loving;

  • Getting tickets for one of the rugby world cup games! (Mama is quite excited about this too)
  • Having more time outside to play at the park
  • Looking forward to our summer adventures after he gets through his two exams at the start of June

Sprog has been loving;

  • Airplanes are still a massive obsession
  • As are keys.  We have to hide them if we want to be able to get in or out of house, or the car, or the back door to the garden unhampered by a big tantrum.
  • Using new words. I’m so proud of him as he gets a few more words in his vocabulary and he’s really enjoying being able to say a bit more and being able to tell us ‘noooo’ in particular.  It makes me chuckle though as he sounds northern when he says ‘nooooo’!

One from the outtakes of Sprog grabbing the camera!


dear beautiful

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