Diagnosis? Maybe it’s election fever

I’ve made a point of never blogging about politics so the thoughts that follow are in no way meant to represent my opinions, simply my observations of the events leading to the elections.

As we plod ever closer to the General Election on Thursday, I find myself more and more confused about the whole process of campaigning and the electioneering!

I’m not sure that we’ve all been touched by “election fever” in the same way that other countries experience it.  From what I can tell, everyone gets into it in the USA and your opinions are very much set in stone.  After discussions in the staff room this week, it would seem that we’re a mixed bunch, us Brits.  Many were very enthusiastic (you might expect this from teachers), some are definitely going to vote but still totally undecided (I’m in this group), and one, tut tut, had not registered in time and is unable to vote.

I think this is a fair representation of the nation really, plus a fair bunch who just don’t give a s***.

Here’s my assessment as to whether we’re hitting “election fever“.

High temperature

Perhaps if the May weather that we expect was here to pull us through, we might all be a bit more hot under the collar about this polling malarkey.  I always get frustrated by the utter apathy by some people, however, it would appear that this time around there are a few more people with ideas.  I certainly know that the kids at school are more opinionated than usual although some of those opinions are pretty terrifying!  Perhaps it is the greater range of options creating more excitement than usual but how can we have a successful Parliament if it is so divided?!

Verdict = questionable… there’s a mild temperature running but it’s not too high.

election 1

Severe headaches

I feel like I’ve been listening to year 8’s who have fallen out with each as I listen to these politician’s moan and belittle each others ideas.  I have a headache from the school yard bickering.

Verdict = absolutely

election 2


What about the public?  How many of us are sweating the outcome?  Given those opinions of some of my students mentioned earlier, I am a little.  I’m sweating it that intolerance is rife, that programmes eliminating equality seem to be popular, and that I don’t know what the future holds for our education system.  It’s a broken system at the moment with no real promise to make it better… who will be left to teach my children?

Verdict = Occasional sweating, with a rare shiver down my spine.

Sensitivity to light (or erm…bulls***)

Just me?! I feel all aflush with the promises and backstabbing.  The campaign posters slagging either other off make my stomach churn and force me back to memories of the playgroup in primary school. “He said this” or “she said that”… seriously?! I thought we were meant to be grown ups and trying to run the country!

Verdict = definitely on track for a fever!

So what about you? Are you feeling the election fever?!


11 thoughts on “Diagnosis? Maybe it’s election fever

  1. Haha! This is funny and certainly a different take on the election! I can’t say I’ve been caught up in election fever (I get annoyed with parties belittling each other too) but will be voting on Thursday x

  2. I’m in Scotland so I really feel I can’t post anything about politics on my blog but there is definitely election fever here. I feel really excited about it. In previous elections people have been completely apathetic wheras now a lot of young people are talking about politics and membership of political parties has hugely increased. I’m definitely feeling mildly pyrexial! #TwinklyTuesday

    • I gathered that there might be a bit more excitement up there than down here (I’m on the South coast)! I’m glad that people your way seem to be a bit more enthusiastic!

    • I would include that under the aversion to light/bulls*** section…I’ve just avoided the debates and certain politicians when they’re on the news because they make me too angry

  3. This is great lovely lady! A nice humorous take on it. I feel like it’s come around really quick and with two days to go I do not know who to vote for! I hugely dislike them acting like a bunch of school children and then consider that it’s these morons running our country! And then there’s Ed Miliband – his face…I just want to punch it!!! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. I have to confess that I have yet to vote. I moved to the US when I was 18, and it didn’t seem right to vote in the UK, when the outcome of the election wouldn’t impact me and where I couldn’t fully know the nuances. I’ve been eligible to vote in the US only a short while.

    It’s interesting. The American press get VERY into all the details of presidential elections, but there’s far less coverage of local elections, which are really the ones where change can be effected. And the election turnout is really quite dismal, even for presidential elections, between half and two thirds.

    Thank you for linking up at #TwinklyTuesday.

  5. Chuckle!!!
    Cracking post!
    I definitely have the anger symptom and I am prone to sudden outbursts of unsavoury language….which is either early onset Tourettes or just a reaction to lying men in suits who can’t answer a single question honestly.
    Just had another outburst on the train.
    Sigh x

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