Family fun without fear of the sun

Hubby is a true English rose… God bless him.  He is pasty, pale and burns at the drop of a hat.  If he spends more than 15 minutes in the sun then I nag him to put sun cream on.  His complexion is the type that shows where you’ve missed a spot with the sun cream because there’s a little funny shaped pink patch when he comes back inside.

Last summer, we fought tooth and nail with Sprog about wearing a hat much to his disgust and he wore a lot of sun cream but it was never easy to apply…wriggly 1 year anyone?

When we were sent a sample to try I was excited for the pair of them. I do wear sun cream too, obviously I don’t want to invite the dreaded C word into our lives so I make sure I’m protected but I do have a mildly darker skin tone which tans rather than burns.


So here’s the deal with the sun mousse

Finding the right sun care protection for both you and your kids can be very tedious. Trying to apply runny creams and greasy sprays as the kids are running around and jumping in and out of the sun and sea or swimming pool is always a pain. It’s also tricky to find a product that can stand-up to these activities and be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

The sun mousse® range provides sun protection for the whole family. Offering a non-sticky application and up to six hours’ worth of protection, its special formula means it rapidly absorbs into the skin’s outer layer, working within the epidermis to provide immediate and lasting UVA and UVB sun protection.

It’s fabulously smooth, light mousse texture means it is both easy to apply and non-sticky – ideal for when your little ones are itching to get out into the sun. The sun filters absorb into the skin, making them less likely to be washed away by water, sweat or towelling, making the sun mousse® giving your kids more time to play without having to worry about reapplying.

The non-oily formulation means you won’t be left with an unpleasant sticky residue, but it also allows the skin to breathe, making it the perfect sun protection for both face and body. Its moisturising properties and light texture leave the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch, and by not clogging the pores, it is also much less likely to cause prickly heat or aggravate other sun-induced allergies.

The fun and easy-to-use mousse comes in a range of factors to suit all skin types, meaning there’s no excuse for you or your kids to adopt the lobster-look this summer! So get out there and enjoy the sunshine safely.

What did we think?

I was pleasantly surprised that we actually cracked out the fresh shiny bottle over the bank holiday weekend.  Like I said, my two boys are the pasty delicate skin kind and I wanted to make sure that they were protected.


The mousse has a lovely texture without any stickiness and I didn’t even feel the need to wash my hands after applying it to them.  It went on smoothly and each ball of foam went much further than I was expecting it to.  It’ll be interesting to see how long the bottle lasts us but I think we’ll almost definitely be buying some more afterwards.

*We were sent a bottle of Sun Mousse to try along with information about it. All opinions are my own*

The sun mousse® range is available to buy at

Available in SPFs 20, 30, 50, Kids 30 and Kids 50.

RRP from £19.99.

For more information go to :

The Giggles Family
Family Fever

13 thoughts on “Family fun without fear of the sun

  1. I’ve never used a mouse sun protector before and it will certainly take away that horrible creamy residue that’s left after applying suncream to two children!
    Also I like the idea of a smaller, more portable can.
    Thnx for the review

  2. Ha ha I am an English rose too and at is exactly the same! Mousse is definitely easier to apply on small children. Great review and looks like a great product.

    Thanks for linking to #toddlerapprovedtuesday Leandra & Becky xx

  3. The question is – did it stain your clothes?! I’m on the hunt for a suncream which suits my son’s sensitive skin but doesn’t ruin his clothes in the process. It appears to be the holy grail!

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