Which ‘Hen’ are you?

As we reach wedding season with gusto and much excitement, many of us will be seasoned ‘Hen Do’ pro’s by now. Being one in a group of 12 girlie friends, of which the sixth got married at the weekend and another 3 are engaged, I am heading in that direction.

At each ‘Hen Do’ so far there have been some of us, plus family, work colleagues and other friends of the Bride. But there’s always certain characters, of that you can be certain!

The Too Hard Too Soon Hen – This ‘Hen’ will drink a lot, quickly. – There will possibly be alcohol induced vomiting. – She may or may not pass out, but she definitely won’t make it to the main event.

hen 1   hen2

Mama Hen This is not limited to the Mother of the Bride or Mother-in-law, it can encompass many a ‘Hen’ – This ‘Hen’ takes it upon herself to make sure that everyone else is ok. – She is often found making sure that ‘The Floosie’ and ‘The Too Hard Too Soon Hen’ have had enough water to drink and that everyone has eaten enough. hen3 The Floosie Hen – This ‘Hen’ loves a good night out any time of the week any way. – Give her the excuse of someone getting married though and she’s off. – There’ll be shots, cocktails and doubles all round. – She will probably also get VERY flirty with any male encountered. The Wimpy Hen – This ‘Hen’ shy’s away from anything slightly out of the ordinary. She wouldn’t dream of not going to her friends Hen Do but she’s not keen on participation. – She is scared or intimidated by the out of ordinary activites or challenges… we all know the types of things I mean! – During the obligatory “naughty” bits, this ‘Hen’ will be found quietly slinking into the background so that she does not have to participate. The Competitive Hen – This ‘Hen’ will jump higher, dance harder, and drink faster than anyone else. – She will be the last one standing. – She will win every challenge, game or quiz. hen4 The Organiser Hen – This is most likely to be one of the Bridesmaid’s, probably the one who has coordinated all of the others. – She has precision timings for the activities and food arrangements. – She will have lists or spreadsheets galore. – She will know the dietary requirements and ither personal details of everyone there. – She will be the one making sure that everyone has fun. – She will be the one who is actually the last ‘Hen’ standing before she collapses and doesn’t move for a couple of days.

So which one are you? Are you always the same ‘Hen’ or do you change depending on the crowd?

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14 thoughts on “Which ‘Hen’ are you?

  1. Fab post – I am definitely the Mama Hen although I have to admit that I don’t really enjoy the “traditional” hen dos. The best one I ever went to involved kayaking down a river, pulling up for a picnic and bubbles on a little island and then finishing off with a pub meal.

  2. Hahaha. Love this – it’s spot one. And each have their own part to play in the proceedings. I’m actually going to a hen do tomorrow so will be on the look out for the different characters. I think I’m probably the competitive hen then after a few… Maybe a floosie… Well, just for fun #thelist

  3. I hate hen dos as a rule – I’m not sure which of the hens I am – the sober one? I’ve missed lots of hen dos due to being pregnant or breastfeeding a newborn. This year I’m missing one because my husband is already on stag do. I think my hen do days are all but done. PHEW.

  4. I’ve never actually been to a hen do. If I did I’d probably be the Too Hard Too Soon. Alcohol hits me like a ton of bricks since the baby and I can’t remember the last time I was up after 11pm….normally I’m asleep by 9.


  5. Ha ha! I think I was probably a mash up of a few of them. I took some friends to watch polo and we had a marquee with yummy food by the pitch. Then a meal in the evening. I didn’t want the L plate thing 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  6. I’ve never been to a bachelorette shindig, probably because by the time my good friends were getting married, I was already hitched with two little ones. I felt bad going to weddings without my husband, and he was either overseas or didn’t want to go. I suspect I’d be organizer or mama.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!

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