Balancing Act… Tattooed Lady with a Baby


I have been fascinated by the reactions that people have had to me when I was on maternity leave, when I was getting ready to go back to work, and now that I am back at work. I find that some people are very judgemental about how they expect families to work. Well, I’ve got news for you everyone, we’re all different, we all have different needs and that is one of the amazing things about us.

My aim is to share the stories of families of all different types and spread the word that we are all playing a #BalancingAct to get through and raise our little people the best way we can. Let’s celebrate the diversity between our families, let’s not judge each other.

So this week it’s over to Louise at Tattooed Lady with a Baby.

  1. Tell me about your family

I am Louise and my other half James, our 2 year old son Luke and our almost 2 year old lab Murphy make up my family. I am completely outnumbered by the 3 boys and some days it’s like I have 3 toddlers!


  1. What was your job/position before you started your family?

An assistant manager of a student accommodation complex, an office job that involves minding 240 students

  1. What was your work-life balance like?

Work/life balance before the baby got here was very easy going, I still lived at home too so really I was all focused on work without having to worry much about anything else

  1. How did you find being away from work when you were on maternity leave?

I was anxious about leaving work for my maternity leave, I’ve worked consistently since I was 16 and wasn’t used to having more than a week off at a time, I needn’t have worried though as the new arrival kept me busy. I did worry about missing out on any changes at work though

  1. Have you returned to some kind of work since having baby and how did you come to that decision?

I have returned to the position I was in. I like my job so returning wasn’t as bad as I expected, well the first week was tough but after that it was if I hadn’t even been gone for 7 months. Financial reasons pushed me towards going back at that time. Ideally I would have liked to have waited until Luke started playschool before I went back.

  1. How (if at all) has work changed since you returned (if you did)?

There’s been a few changes in the job itself since my return but they have all been for the better.

  1. Describe your work-life balance now in 3 words.

Busy. Constantly rushing

  1. This might be difficult to answer, but are you happy with your work-life balance?

This is a hard one because while I’m at work I enjoy it and when I’m at home with my family I love it but I feel I’m having a constant battle with my own conscience justifying to myself about going out to work and being away from Luke so much every week.

  1. Would you change anything about the family and work balance that you currently have?

I would love to work a shorter week, 3 days instead of 5 or be able to do shorter days over the 5 days but unfortunately that is not an option at the moment.







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