Goodbye to the “team”

As a place to record the changes in my life this blog is great.  As a place to record the changes to my work-life balance it is essential for me to find the space I need to reflect and share my experiences.

I sit and write today in a tangle of emotions; an oxymoron of feelings.  Relaxed and anxious. Calm and terrified. Content and unprepared. Weepy and excited. If I make it through tomorrow with crying a massive miracle will have occurred.

Tomorrow I finish work at the school which has formed the first 5 years of my teaching career.  In that time, I’ve got married and had a baby.  I have managed the History department for 2 years.  I have taught about 1500 students at this school. I have worked with at least 24 teachers in Humanities.

I suppose I wanted to be able to thank those staff the most in this post.  Old or young, existing or departed, this team of staff have been my absolute rock.

  • When I’ve had hard days, they have picked me up.
  • When I’ve had triumphs, they have cheered me on.
  • When I’ve given them the ammunition, they have taken the piss royally (unfortunately, this happens far too often).
  • When we’ve been out, they’ve laughed with me.
  • When I’ve lost people, they have held me together.
  • When I’ve been making it up on a wing and a prayer, they’d led me down the right path (most of the time!).
  • On results day, they’ve been there whether I’ve been crying or celebrating with the kids.

In short, my team have been my support system.  They are far more than my “team”/  They are my friends.  I will miss their endless support, occasional enthusiasm, moaning and I will even miss the amount that they take the mickey out of me (I give as good as I get, don’t worry).

But shhhhhh, don’t tell them any of this.

As I move on, I should, theoretically end up with more of a work-life balance by next summer.  For now, life is about to get crazy daisy! New classes, new procedures, new lessons, new form group and a new team.  I’m looking forward to the challenges and to creating something special with this new group of people.  But for now, it’s time for me to say “goodbye” to my brilliant colleagues.

“There isn’t much I haven’t shared
With you along the road
And through it all there’d always be
Tomorrow’s episode

Suddenly that isn’t true
There’s another avenue”



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